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    Coldplay's Oracle tackles questions on #coldplayfilm announcement, EMA voting, my-lo zy-letoe and more...

    oracle.jpgMore questions answered by The Oracle... (circa. 2900 questions now answered - submit yours now!)


    September 20, 2012 - submitted by Liku, United States of America

    Q. Hello Oracle! A year ago, I heard that Coldplay performed at UCLA as a promotion of MX. Is there any chance that they will be performing at any universities in the future? Thanks!

    The Oracle replies:

    The show at UCLA wasn't part of the MX tour or promotion; it was a Grammy Foundation benefit gig. Later that year, they also played a one-off special show at Norwich UEA as part of BBC Radio 1's Student Tour. They may perform at universities again in the future as part of something particular but it's not very likely they will do a uni tour.


    September 20, 2012 - submitted by Jemma, Australia

    Q. Dear Oracle, in the music video for The Scientist, was Chris recorded walking and talking backwards or was that just special effects?

    The Oracle replies:

    Has it really been over 3 years since I answered this question? The video was shot forwards and replayed backwards.

    September 19, 2012 - submitted by Safa, France

    Q. Hi Oracle, I saw on the official Twitter of the band that they will make an announcement next week about the coldplayfilm. Does it mean that it will be released next week or is it only an info they will give us about it ? Thanks :)

    The Oracle replies:

    The announcement will simply be giving more information about the film but it's not finished yet so definitely won't be released this soon - the band are still on tour. Two more European dates to go... What a Summer it's been.


    September 19, 2012 - submitted by Varun, United States of America

    Q. Dear Oracle, During the Paralympics Closing Ceremony, Chris had a piece of paper stuck to the front of his piano. What was this? Was it a script, or some kind of a remembrance for a British Athlete? Cheers! ~Varun

    The Oracle replies:

    I know it wasn't either of the things you listed but I *think* (pretty sure) it was a drawing by his children.


    September 19, 2012 - submitted by Zoe, United States of America

    Q. Oh dear Oracle, Are the symbols for the links (home, news, hypnofeed, etc...) on this website drawn by Chris?

    The Oracle replies:

    No, they're not; they were drawn by one of our web design team.


    September 19, 2012 - submitted by Ryan, New Zealand

    Q. Hey Oracle, How do I get in contact with the Tech crew, I'm keen to help them setup the Coldplay Concert in Auckland ? Thanks heaps.

    The Oracle replies:

    We have a fully staffed crew - both touring and local - so unfortunately we're not looking for any one further to help. You don't mention if you are a qualified or trained / experienced tech dude so if not, that would be the first thing you'd have to be before embarking on a tour of this size. If you're not, I suggest trying out with smaller local venues to gain work experience.


    September 18, 2012 - submitted by Irene, United Kingdom

    Q. How many times are you allowed to vote for the band to win the EMAs?

    The Oracle replies:

    We just checked the official rules, and you're actually allowed to

    vote up to 100 times per day.


    September 18, 2012 - submitted by Arina, Sweden

    Q. Dear wise Oracle, I went to the Prague concert on september 16th and I have to say it was the most beautiful and amazing thing I've ever experienced. Well, the day after the concert I was walking around in Prague with my family when my mom suddenly shouted to me that she saw a man that looked exactly like Chris Martin. I got really excited but I told myself that it wasn't Chris because I've heard that after each show the members of Coldplay go home to their families. Well, my question is, is there any possibility that this person was Chris? Thanks!

    The Oracle replies:

    You're correct; that wasn't Chris as they didn't stay over in Prague.


    September 17, 2012 - submitted by Susan, Germany

    Q. So I had an amazing time at the Coldplay concert last night in Munich, and it brought back a question I've had for a while. How do you pronounce Mylo Xyloto?

    The Oracle replies:

    Chris explained: it's pronounced my-lo zy-letoe (or / maɪləʊ 'zaɪlətəʊ; / if you speak phonetics). To break it down one step further: my lo zy (rhymes with my) le (rhymes with the) toe


    September 17, 2012 - submitted by Juliana, United States of America

    Q. I was thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend or 1 1/2 years...since June actually.. Things happened, I waited. Now I want to break up. I was ready last night and mentally prepared myself for this. But then my friend said he told her that he was gonna kiss me that night (first kiss), (keep in mind that I'm 13). Now I'm confused. He didn't kiss me because it was at the school dance and too many teachers were around. Help?

    The Oracle replies:

    I'm confused. You were going to break-up but now you've heard he was going to kiss you so you didn't. Are the two related? If you were going to break-up with him because he hadn't kissed you, 13 is still young and putting that pressure on him to do that when a first kiss is a HUGE thing is telling me that perhaps this isn't the boy you should be having your first kiss with. What has changed? If you had wanted to split since June then I think you should but before he kisses you. If you wait until after, you could really destroy his confidence and totally mess with his head which would be unfair. Let him down gently. If it is the one you want to take that step with, ask yourself what you think may happen after the kiss...


    September 17, 2012 - submitted by Laura, Germany

    Q. Dear Oracle, how I can be notified immediately about concert tickets? I'm always too late :(

    The Oracle replies:

    The easiest way is probably to sign-up for our Messenger. It's our newsletter which automatically puts you on the mailing list as this includes tour dates when announced. Our website's Live section, twitter feed and facebook page will have the information too of course but I understand if you don't want to be checking them every minute of every day. I have a couple of alerts on Ticketmaster too so that when a tour of my favourite artists is announced, I'll receive an email telling me.




    More new photos of Coldplay performing at the Eden Arena, Prague, Czech Republic (16 September 2012):












    Photos courtesy of novinky.cz


    twittercoldplaying.jpg facebook.png youtube1a.png lastfm_1.png myspace1.jpg


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    MARCH 2012

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    APRIL 2012

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    JUNE 2012

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    7 Sunderland, UK @ the Stadium of Light [discussion]

    9 London, UK @ Wembley Stadium (Capital FM's Summertime Ball 2012) [discussion] [NEW!]

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    25 Houston, TX @ Toyota Center [discussion]

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    JULY 2012

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    3 Charlotte, NC @ Time Warner Cable Arena [discussion]

    5 Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center [discussion]

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    8 Washington, DC @ Verizon Center [discussion]

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    26 Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre [discussion]

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    AUGUST 2012

    1 Auburn Hills, MI @ Palace of Auburn Hills [discussion]

    3 East Rutherford, NJ @ Izod Center [discussion]

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    7 Chicago, IL @ United Center [discussion]

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    28 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Parken Stadium [discussion]

    30 Stockholm, Sweden @ Olympic Stadium [discussion]


    SEPTEMBER 2012

    2 Paris, France @ Stade de France [discussion]

    4 Cologne, Germany @ Rheinenergie Stadium [discussion]

    6 The Hague, Netherlands @ Malieveld [discussion]

    7 Los Angeles, US @ Shrine Auditorium (Stand Up To Cancer) [discussion] [NEW!]

    9 London, UK @ Paralympics Closing Ceremony [discussion]

    12 Munich, Germany @ Olympiastadion [discussion]

    14 Leipzig, Germany @ Red Bull Stadium [discussion]

    16 Prague, Czech Republic @ Slavia Eden Stadium [discussion]

    19 Warsaw, Poland @ National Stadium [discussion]

    22 Hannover, Germany @ AWD Arena [discussion]


    NOVEMBER 2012

    10 Auckland, New Zealand @ Mt Smart Stadium [discussion]

    13 Melbourne, Australia @ Etihad Stadium [discussion]

    17 Sydney, Australia @ Allianz Stadium [discussion]

    18 Sydney, Australia @ Allianz Stadium [discussion] [NEW!]

    21 Brisbane, Australia @ Suncorp Stadium [discussion]


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