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    Coldplay's Oracle talks runners, Amsterdam's return, Hurts Like Heaven lyrics, fake DVD posters and more...

    oracle.jpgMore questions answered by The Oracle... (over 2700 questions now answered - submit yours now!)


    August 9, 2012 - submitted by Margaret, United States of America

    Q. In his recent blog about the New Jersey shows, Roadie #42 references a text message that he received much later informing him that there was going to be a "runner" at the end of the show? What is that?

    The Oracle replies:

    There have been many close shaves where myself and Anchorman have almost missed the "runner" and you really don't want to do that or you'd get left behind. As you can imagine, leaving an arena or stadium after a show can be tricky with that many people all exiting at the same time. The band are usually on their way to the airport before the last firework has gone off. A runner means getting out as fast as possible. The crew that travel with the band have to be in a waiting car, engines running by the end of the encore's first song. The band run off stage into the cars to leave before the traffic becomes impossible to negotiate. By the way, a runner is also the name given to a person who does a lot of running around doing errands and whatnot.


    August 9, 2012 - submitted by abnamarie, United States of America

    Q. Hi! I was at the concert on August 8th in Chicago. Chris said that one of the songs he played hadn't been performed in 10 years. What song was this? Thanks

    The Oracle replies:

    I got goosebumps when I read that Amsterdam had been played (in full) last night. I really hope that stays in the set for when I see them in Paris in 3 weeks time. It is a real live favourite amongst die-hard fans and I know I won't be alone in the thrill of that news. If you haven't got the song, you'll find it on the band's second album - A Rush Of Blood To The Head.

    August 8, 2012 - submitted by Flora, United States of America

    Q. To the Oracle of Olympic greatness: As I was watching TV the other day, the new iPad commercial flashed across the screen, the closest version to the televised one can be seen here. At 0:07 seconds, I swear that it looks like a Coldplay concert; so, of course I had to ask! However, the footage looks unprofessional, so probably not any footage of what we might see in the Coldplay Live film, but even so, does Apple have the rights to show footage of Coldplay (or any other venue/group if this is not Coldplay) for their own marketing purposes? If this is not a Coldplay concert, I will be sorely disappointed - whoever it is does a smashing job at replicating the experience through all the confetti and the swirling footage on the round screens! It would probably be impossible to know where this was shot at? Best Wishes, Flora xox

    The Oracle replies:

    Apple can't just use footage of any artists without permission - like anyone - unless of course it was an Apple event and the contract said they could use the performance for marketing / promotion purposes. Anyway, it's not Coldplay. I don't know who it is or where it was shot (I actually saw the ad on TV yesterday) but unless we've got a new member and a different stage set - it's not our boys.


    August 8, 2012 - submitted by Marielle, Canada

    Q. Hello Oracle! I'm going to the show on Saturday in St.Paul. It's going to be my first every concert! But attending by myself. I am kinda of nervous that I'll be by myself and I am also kinda shy around people I don't know. Do you have any advice for me to enjoy the show to the fullest :)

    The Oracle replies:

    I have been to many gigs on my own. One person I met after one of them is now one of my closest friends. That was 19 years ago. Don't worry Marielle, you may be going alone but you're not going to be by yourself for long. There'll be thousands of people with you, all for the same reason. That's a lot of people to have something in common with so you're off to a great start. Being shy can be tough but I think the excitement may bring you out of yourself. Start by talking to the people around you as you're going in to the venue. Get your Xyloband on and while you're waiting for the show to start, just ask the people next to you if they've seen Coldplay before. That will start things off and you can tell them that you're on your own and who knows, they may become friends for life!


    August 8, 2012 - submitted by Greg, United States of America

    Q. I was watching some early live versions of Hurts Like Heaven like this and Chris sang the part "On every street, every car, every surface are names" in a different way. And he seemed to do this for little while until changing it soon after the beginning of the festival tour last year.

    The Oracle replies:

    I just realized this isn't a question so it's not going to be an answers as er, yes, you're right. Chris often does this; he may change either the way he sings or the lyrics as the tour goes on.


    August 7, 2012 - submitted by J Lucas, France

    Q. The hubby wants The Scientist for our wedding song, and I love it but I think of it as a break up song vs. a wedding one. Help!!! I say we should have Yellow which just feels like sweet love. Right now we are saying both are our wedding song.

    The Oracle replies:

    In my opinion you don't want The Scientist as it is indeed a song about a break-up. Yellow does have a love connotation but maybe you need to find another song that you BOTH agree on? 'Til Kingdom Come is a lovely wedding song but there are many so choose wisely.


    August 7, 2012 - submitted by Camila, Colombia

    Q. Oracle! I am really confused! I was going through some pictures in a Coldplay fansite and I came across this. Is it real? It would be really great!

    The Oracle replies:

    It's not real - "coming soon" is misspelt. There is a film of the tour in the pipeline but that poster has been created by a fan and is in no way official. We have no artwork to show you at this stage.


    August 7, 2012 - submitted by Maximilian, United States of America

    Q. Q. Dear Oracle I was recently at Coldplay's amazing performance at the Izod Center, NJ. Before they came on Gwyneth Paltrow and her two kids sat not too far away from me. During the show the two kids were escorted to the stage and it looked like they left something on Chris's piano. Why did they do this?

    The Oracle replies:

    Chris has a couple of times during the show where he gets his ginger, lemon & hot water concoction replenished. His children like to get daddy's drink when they're there.


    August 6, 2012 - submitted by Nick, United States of America

    Q. Hey Oracle, saw Coldplay kill it last night in Jersey. There was a blonde roadie that seemed to be assisting Chris' wife & kids in the audience as well as managing the people who went backstage. I've never seen her before in the roadie-related discussions. Who is she / what does she do?

    The Oracle replies:

    That sounds like it must be one of the band's assistants (we don't call those lovely ladies roadies); EJ or Jessie. At a guess it was probably Jessie.


    August 6, 2012 - submitted by Jameson, United States of America

    Q. Oracle, Recently on Coldplay's wiki page, I found a list of unreleased songs from their various albums. Most of the Viva ones are available to listen as short demos on YouTube, but I couldn't help but notice a few that were unreleased from MX. My question is, are the boys planning on releasing snippets of those demo MX tunes the same way they did the Viva ones? Even their demos are (and most would agree) incredible music and it would be a shame if they were left on the shelf in The Bakery or The Beehive collecting dust.

    The Oracle replies:

    Hmm, I have to set this straight: "are the boys planning on releasing snippets of those demo MX tunes the same way they did the Viva ones?" No and the band did not release any Viva demos. They are not supposed to be on YouTube and they aren't meant to be out there at all. These things happen of course and I totally understand that fans want to hear everything but anything the band want people to hear is what is released and available - otherwise it's an illegal bootleg.




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