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    Coldplay highest ranked Brits on Forbes 'Most Powerful Celebrities' list 2013

    Coldplay are the highest ranked Brits on an annual global Forbes celebrity power list, reports the Independent among many media sources today. Coldplay are ranked at number 14 in the newly published Forbes list of the world's most powerful celebrities, three places above X Factor supremo Simon Cowell.


    Coldplay did not make the list at all last year and last featured in 2010 when they were ranked at number 35. Oprah Winfrey returns to the top of the list for the first time in three years, with last year's chart-topper Jennifer Lopez plunging down to number 12. Top-selling singer Adele plummets from the top 100 entirely. Adele made her debut in the Forbes list - based on money and fame - in 2012 at 24, but she has dropped straight out this year.



    On Coldplay, the KROQ website added: While Coldplay’s enormously successful world tour in support of the band’s most recent full-length, Mylo Xyloto, is credited as driving the band’s ascension up the Forbes’ power chart (the tour is cited as generating more than $3 million per show), the group’s celebrity associations are also a factor. Chris Martin’s wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, lands at No. 71 on the overall celebrity list, with the couple’s friendship with Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z (he’s No. 32 on the list) also helped propel Coldplay to the No. 9 position, just ahead of pop star Katy Perry at No. 10.


    2013 Forbes' Celebrity 100 list - top twenty:


    1. Oprah Winfrey - $77m (income this year)

    2. Lady Gaga - $80m

    3. Steven Spielberg - $100m

    4. Beyonce - $53m

    5. Madonna - $125m

    6. Taylor Swift - $55m

    7. Jon Bon Jovi - $79m

    8. Roger Federer - $71m

    9. Justin Bieber - $58m

    10. Ellen DeGeneres - $56m

    11. Hugh Jackman - $55m

    12. Jennifer Lopez - $45m

    13. Rihanna - $43m

    14. Coldplay - $64m

    15. Tiger Woods - $78m

    16. LeBron James - $60m

    17. Simon Cowell - $95m

    18. Katy Perry -$39m

    19. David Beckham - $47m

    20. Robert Downey Jnr - $75m


    Compilers of the list looked at estimated earnings of the celebrities in the past year - up to this month - and how often each of the figures are named in print and on TV.


    Latest photos of Coldplay with fans near to the Bakery/Beehive, London (24th June) [courtesy of willandi.tumblr.com]:












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