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    Updated: LP6 'not too far away' as Coldplay work on new songs at Bakery & Beehive - latest photos

    The recent spate of fans meeting members of Coldplay near the Bakery and Beehive is no fluke, writes Placebo88, the latest Coldplayer to meet Chris Martin in and around their London studios (7th June). (Update: ColdplaySheffield met them too on 11th June!)


    So far during May and June, Coldplayers CJWG, oliv, danny_sivo, PakitoGarvi, cuponcito, ColdplaySheffield and Placebo88 have successfully ventured near to Coldplay HQ, coming back with various photos of Chris, Will, Jonny, Guy and Phil, as Coldplay appear to be stepping up productivity in the creation of a new album. There was even a video uploaded by Anthony Ajube on YouTube.



    Placebo88 said: "I headed down to the beehive on Friday (7-Jun-13) and was hugely fortunate to meet Chris and Matt (Sound Engineer). Chris was an absolute gent and signed a couple of things I had taken with me, and spent around 15 mins with a friend and I. (I didn't realise he was so tall!).


    Chris also confirmed that they were very much into 'new' songs. I asked fresh/ raw tracks? He said no...just new. With a bit of luck the new album isn't as far off as we once thought. They were 'mid-song' between the beehive and the bakery, with a host of activity going on - from laptops being passed studio to studio..as well as laundry! It was a great experience and one I shall never forget. They say you should never meet your heroes, but with Chris it was a genuine pleasure..."


    ColdplaySheffield added: "I asked Will how new material was coming on and he said 'it's coming on very good.' I asked him when he reckons the next time they might be touring and he said 'we need to record some new material first and then we will.' I also asked Will if we can expect any releases or when LP6 might be coming out and he replied "maybe at the end of this year, but we're not sure yet." When he said maybe the end of this year I couldn't believe it! My friend asked Chris what his favourite Coldplay song was and Chris replied "the one we're recording now!" I know it was unlikely he'd answer that question but it was a brilliant, witty answer I must say!"


    Read the latest discussion on LP6 (153 pages and growing!), and the latest from the Bakery thread, both at the Coldplay forum now. Below are the photos from 7th and 11th June and your Facebook comments! [thanks Placebo88 & ColdplaySheffield]


    Photos from Placebo88 on 7th June...














    ...and new photos from ColdplaySheffield on 11th June...






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