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    12 Coldplay Months of 2009: AUGUST (five Coldplay members huddling)

    august.jpgAs the sweet summer month began (August 4th), Coldplay was honored with four nominations for Viva la Vida at the VMA’s; this included the nomination for Best Rock Video.


    Four days later Coldplay were sorry to announce that they had to cancel the last show on their US tour due to illness. The fans in Tampa were of course devastated, and unfortunately the promised re-scheduling of the show has not yet happened. Some comments to the Coldplay cancellation in Tampa, taken from Coldplaying.com are below...


    i'm seriously still in disbelief. this was def. one of the highlights of my summer. my friend and i still want to drive down to the ampitheatre and make sure that it's all really real. i hope Chris gets better soon, and the show's rescheduled very soon. i think they're not meant to play on their original scheduled dates in Tampa, b/c isn't this the second time they've had to postpone and reschedule a show there? [thanks technicolor_love78]

    Ok everyone, I just got to my friend's house in Atlanta. I got texts fron Kaleigh and Tracey as soon as I landed. I'm on page 69, and you guys are up to page 79, so I haven't yet read any commnents or anything. but I AM SO FREAKING BUMMED!!! We left for the airport at 5:15 this morning, so I didn't go online. I'll see what you all have been saying as I read the next few pages. I'm kinda waiting, for what, I don't know. But I guess I'll call Delta and see if I can just cancel the Atlanta-Tampa part of my ticket. On the way home, I was connecting through Atlanta again, so my flight was like 2 round trips. My friend here may be stuck with me until Monday night. And I have a non-refundable hotel room in Tampa, but really, do I want to hang out in Tampa for a day alone, just because I have a hotel room? But if by some miracle, they can do the show Monday, I'm so there...Thursday, I don't think I could do it - I can't really just hang out here for a week, and I"m sure flights are way too expensive to come back on such short notice plus I used miles to pay for this flight. I'm sorry Chris is sick and all, and I'll definitely try to come out again, and hopefully I can work it out with my kid's schedules if it's rescheduled in Sept sometime. [thanks lfdianne]


    Right before the final U.S. show? OUCH. While that means they have over a week to rest before heading back to Europe, I feel absolutely awful for anyone who was planning on going, especially the few Coldplayers who were FLYING to see them in Tampa. The latter are the greater victims when it comes to money, so hopefully they can enjoy Florida for the heck of it, but considering how hyped this particular show was (more than the previous postponed show in NY), this is a real blow to excited fans. Keep your chins up, folks - maybe Wembley won't be the last show of the tour and you guys will be instead! [thanks Corkus]


    Fortunately, for the European fans, Chris soon got better and the show went on… on August 16th Coldplay began their European tour. First stop; Herning, Denmark. This show also saw the light of the new stage…


    Read the full August 2009 Coldplay review article in the Coldplay forum here [thanks Cirkusprinsessa]



    The new stadium tour stage

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