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    [Coldplay Oxfam Blog] Duffy’s last stand, and roadies playing dead..

    magicballoxfam.jpgDirectly in front of me, is the constant stream of Coldplay fans entering the Philadelphia Wachovia Center. Beep.. beep.. beep (etcetera), go the machines, as ticket bar code’s are scanned. There is one very enthusiastic security guard too, whooping and cheeing, singing ‘Violet Hill’, anything to put a smile on faces as they enter. That’s if the smiles aren’t already there.


    Fans then walk directly over to the Oxfam booth to my right, where our Philly action group is busy signing up the masses, and talking about Oxfam’s amazing work. Those that miss us, are heading in to see the Duffy show, which is in full swing. She has a couple songs left before the end of her last show on this tour. Those (notoriously hard to please) roadies, have often been heard talking about her presence on stage. This girl from Wales is only going to get more fans, the more shows she does. One of the biggest hits of the year.. alongside Coldplay of course.


    Read the full blog entry at the Oxfam Blog website here

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