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    Coldplay Roadie #42 - Blog #29

    roadie42green.jpgCheck out coldplay.com for a new blog entry: #42 has a Swede sensation


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    As befits a building called The Globe, the venue in Stockholm bears a striking resemblance to a very large football. We have two shows here, which is always nice. The first goes well and is a 'walk away', which means the entire crew get to do a runner. Much letting down of hair ensues.


    The following morning was to have been a full-on "Band vs Crew" football match. However, it's a somewhat less exuberant affair than it might have been after a rather heavy and eventful night previous. The crew pull ahead by the end of the first half, but they're running purely on fumes as they go into an ultimately disappointing second half. A rematch is planned for a couple of weeks' time in Rotterdam. Doubtless tactics and training are already being discussed...



    Meanwhile back at the gig, the crowd for the second show are positively roaring. Apparently this second one sold out quicker than the first, which is an odd way round for things to happen, but I guess they like going out on a Thursday here in Sweden. They were a very loud and vocal crowd on the first night, but tonight I'd say they've topped it. I would have added an audio clip of them singing Fix You here, but I've just realised that the hard drive with all my show recordings is in a truck on its way to Oslo. At least I damn well hope that's where it is...




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