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    Coldplay: Roadie #42 - Blog #9

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    Back to school.


    After the past few weeks of complete and utter chaos, we find ourselves loading into a huge empty space in LA with an entire week until the doors open for the first show of the tour. It's a little like finally getting a chance to move into your new home after a mad month of parties and visitors. Finally, we have time to arrange the furniture, to work out where the fusebox is and to attend to that troublesome leak when someone uses the shower upstairs.


    In many ways, the promo shows were a great way to get a lot sorted out very quickly. We didn't so much hit the ground running as get thrown from a moving vehicle. It meant we had no choice but to make things work - and fast! Now though, we're smoothing the edges, refining every aspect. "Good enough" has never ever been good enough with this lot - and now, less so than ever. I expect a lot will happen this week and not all of it fun. I'm also pretty sure that by the time the house-lights go down for the first night next week, the show is going to have grown into something pretty exceptional.


    Also by then, with any luck, British Airways will have found my suitcase....

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