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    [Oxfam Blog] Coldplay and Oxfam have landed

    magicballoxfam.jpgHere’s one I penned earlier (when I didn’t have access to the internet..)


    It’s oh so quiet. I just got to the hotel. All I can hear is the slight ringing in my ears (still popping occasionally due to the air pressure changes). Coldplay and Oxfam have landed. I caught the same plane as the band today, back over the pond. We’re back on tour. North America (part 2). Now we find ourselves in Ottawa, Canada. Well, just outside, to be precise.


    Silence is a rare thing on tour. You know.. when you can actually hear it. Completely quiet. So breathing sounds noisy. Things rarely shut down and switch off, on the road. For about a week or so, the whole crew did just that. Got some silence in their ears. Coldplay have another 20 shows coming up here. Oxfam will have 20 campaigners at each and every one. The first of this leg, and the last in Canada, is tomorrow night. Oxfam Canada are up first.


    Read the full blog entry at the Oxfam Blog website here

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