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    [Oxfam Blog] More gigs confirmed!

    magicballoxfam.jpgGreat news for Oxfam, and Coldplay fans everywhere! Well.. mainly great news for fans who live in Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, or Atlanta.


    The band have added 4 dates to the second leg of the Viva tour in North America. The USA is getting it’s fair share of those lovely boys from England. If you missed it, there has also been a date added in Dublin, Ireland, in December.. Loads more opportunities for Oxfam to talk to the fans, and a second shot for me, at seeing more or Washington (I spent most of the day inside the venue last time..) Only this time there will be lots of ghouls and goblins wandering about (as that concert’s on Halloween).


    After their quick trip to Japan, both band and crew are on a quick break from touring at the moment. Looks like we are going to need it. Oxfam is busily preparing to hit the road again.


    More on the Oxfam blogs here

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