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    [Oxfam's Coldplay Blog] Some people are on the pitch.. they think it’s all over…

    magicballoxfam.jpgIt is now. For Manchester at least. The VIVA tour is not quite done yet.. 4 shows to go. 3 Countries. 2 national stadiums. 1 week. The bands have left. The crowds have dispersed from the pitch. The trucks have started their engines, and the Oxfam road case, has been loaded on it’s way to Dublin.


    Coldplay. Jay-Z. White Lies. Blackmanalishi. Tone-Acity. ortoPilot. That was the line-up for today’s concert in Manchester. The last three of those played on a slightly smaller stage to the one graced by the ‘best rapper alive’.


    All of our OXJAM buskers did a great job today. They were out in front of the grand pavillion of this famous cricket ground, lightening the mood of hundreds of fans waiting for food, drink and toilets. The crowds steadily grew, and more people enjoyed the early entertainment, before heading onto the turf, for the headline set.

    Oxfam GB is here, promoting OXJAM. It’s a month-long music festival. It starts in October this year, and will begin with 4 thrilling nights of music at the OXJAM launch events in an Oxfam shop. Oxfam supporters Editors, Fatboy Slim, Basement Jaxx, VV Brown and other’s will be there. Oxjam’s North West team was here tonight promoting their own flagship event in Manchester, the ‘Oxjam Take Over’. Concerts will take place across the city, all in aid of Oxjam. I’m sure there will be something for anyone’s taste, so get yourself down there.


    Your Music. Changing the world. Oxjam is for you, music lovers, everywhere. It’s a huge music festival, with literally thousands of events, bringing people together, through their shared love of music, raising money towards ending poverty. Don’t just care about the world. Change it. Oxjam gives you the chance to put on your own event, with your friends, raising money, to enable more people the have safe water, and for children to learn, and for farmers to adapt to climate change. You can help thousands of people, all over the world, to have a better, more secure future. Sign up now at.. http://www.oxfam.org.uk/oxjam


    Today, Oxjam got off the mark, took the first wicket, made the first noise, of this years festival. It was a huge venue this time, and a modest setting under Oxfam’s little tent. Blackmanalishi, huge supporters of Oxjam, strummed and sang their tunes, as Oxjam got moving. Later, UK champion barbershop quartet Tone-Acity brought some beautiful harmony, and later ortoPilot got the waiting crowd singing and dancing with some classic covers including Coldplay, Oasis, Amy Winehouse, Gnarls Barkley and Ocean Colour Scene. It was a great variety, showcasing what Oxjam is all about. It can be the smallest, or the biggest venue. The rarest tunes, or the classic sing-along’s, a busk or a big band. From folk, to funk, to punk.. Absolutely anything goes. It’s up to you.


    All our buskers kindly gave their time, and all money raised will go towards Oxfam’s work. Our volunteers also gave their time, and signed up fans to be event organisers themselves, and to help out at shows, or just to find out more, and go along to a concert. What will you do?


    I was there when Coldplay rushed off the stage and back onto the road. Jay-Z was clearly happy to be a part of the show tonight, delivering a fantastic set. He’s one of those performers who can whip up a crowd and have them in the palm of his hand. I’ve been excited about his show all along, and from what I saw, I wasn’t disappointed. I look forward to seeing some more in Glasgow and London. White Lies are well in the groove now. One of the fastest growing reputations around will have been boosted again playing to another huge audience. 50’000 were here tonight. I looked out from the pavillion balcony at one point.. A sea of people swaying in time. Amazing.


    The show can only get better with the addition of Elbow in Dublin. I really can’t wait for that. Two nights ago, the Oxfam Novib caravan made it’s last stop on this tour, with a beautiful evening in Nijmegen. Volunteers dressed as teachers, to highlight the campaign for health and education for all, were busy across the site. They asked fans to make a promise and lend a hand. Fans promised and stuck to their word, and held up hundreds of green hands during Yellow to show their support. It was quite a sight, and another great night for Oxfam. Over 2400 people signed up in Holland.


    These fields are jam packed with people who can be involved with Oxfam’s work. Put on music events. Raise money. Join campaigns. Take actions. Why not have a go at an Oxjam gig yourself? Make Music - Raise Money - End Poverty. I’m off to my bunk, see you in Dublin.. Pete


    Read more blogs online here at the Oxfam Blog website now.




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