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    Read Soha's final Oxfam/Coldplay tour blog, Pete Lusby takes over European concerts

    magicballoxfam.jpgHello lovers and friends of the world! Soha here, coming at you from the departure terminal of Boston’s Logan International airport. The last time I wrote to you all from an airport terminal was in Vancouver at the end of the first leg of the summer tour. I was headed home for a two-week break before resuming the rest of the tour.


    It feels like a million years ago recalling that moment where I sat with a signed Coldplay banner at my side, the knowledge that Oxfam now had over 100 thousand actions under its belt since the start of the Viva tour, and the rest of the summer ahead of me. Since then, I’ve worked with an additional 300+ volunteers who helped Oxfam America nearly reach our goal of getting 30 thousand people to sign our Climate Change Petition this summer.


    In that time Team Saratoga Springs was dethroned by Team Raleigh as the highest performing team, achieving 1387 petition sign-ups! Not to forget, since I last talked to you, the North American part of the Viva Tour 2009 wrapped up and Coldplay started the European stadium leg. Well, the N. American bit didn’t so much wrap up as it did come to a screeching halt because of the postponement of the Tampa show, which was supposed to be my last show. This means that I had to clear out the Oxfam road case, and pack and ship the remaining Oxfam America materials in addition to clearing my bunk, packing, and saying too many goodbyes to what had become a crew of dear friends in less than a day’s notice.


    Read the full blog entry with pictures here at the Oxfam Blog website. Thanks Soha for all your blogs, from everyone at Coldplaying!

    New pictures of Coldplay at MCH Arena, Herning, Denmark (16th August 2009):














    Pictures by aoh.dk


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