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    DVD and NBC special on way: Coldplay video shoot reviews (22 March)

    Coldplay scheduled a Video Shoot performance yesterday afternoon (March 22nd). Different to a normal gig, there were many more breaks, pauses and repeat tracks. Below are the first four Coldplayer reviews from the shoot. It appears that not only is a DVD being filmed, but there will be an NBC special on Coldplay later in the month...


    scubacat wrote: I just got back from the video shoot and have to say it was the best concert I’ve ever been to. It wasn’t a typical concert which goes from song to song, because they had to repeat some segments, do some shorter segments, and do technical shooting. They didn’t play the whole album which I think they did last night, but they played 6 new songs. The theater was set up in an in-the-round style with a very small stage in the center.



    I was first row directly next to Chris (maybe 6-8 feet away), so I could see his amazing piano playing. While I love Chris, my seating location meant that I had to watch the other guys’ backs much of the time, although Guy and Jonny were good about turning around for at least a few songs. Nevertheless, it’s the closest I’ve ever been to any band, so I’m not complaining! The whole setup was so beautiful, with trees surrounded by candles, paper stars hanging from the ceiling, and a 360 degree video screen around all the back walls displaying images for each song. Chris confirmed that this will be a DVD and an NBC special in about a month. It sounds like the videos will tell some story or journey, as he briefly explained when they showed a clip of him diving into a pool of water. Someone yelled at them to ask when they are going on tour, and Chris said he doesn’t know and that they want to play in small settings like this for a while (who knows whether he didn’t want to leak any info or whether a tour is not in the works).


    The setlist as I remember it was Paradise, Always in my Head, Magic, True Love, Midnight, Another’s Arms, A Sky Full of Stars (twice!!), plus a tutorial from Chris on how to sing the Sky Full of Stars chorus for the filming. They played a 10 second snippet of another song which I assume was a retake from yesterday. Then they asked for requests and ended up playing Clocks and The Scientist. At the beginning Chris did an aerial scene complete with flying and flips, all while singing (for the life of me I can’t remember which song it was for, but it was at the beginning).


    All the new songs are wonderful, and I even like Midnight (which I didn’t care for before after watching the video). Every song seems like it could be a hit, especially A Sky Full of Stars. Overall it was a surreal experience and I am so thankful to 1iota for making my day (or year!). To be front row in such an intimate setting was a dream come true, and I can’t wait to hear them again tomorrow and buy the album in May.


    Next, trojanchick99 wrote: It was essentially like the show last night but with starts and stops for specific shots. We got to hear Stars twice since we reacted so well to it. It's amazing. Chris was hilarious today. He is the best "warm up man" ever. They opened with Paradise, then played the new album, then closed with Clocks and The Scientist by request.


    The DVD will be amazing. Chris was explaining the concepts behind the visuals and there will be other non-performance clips included. I am so freaking happy right now. Ended up front row behind Will and with a dead on view of the piano. Still recovering from having Chris sing right at me.


    Since this was to pick up shots they didn't get yesterday, we didn't hear every new song, no Ink or Ocean. Of the new, new songs, stars and True love. I can't say enough good things about Stars. It has the potential to be one of my very favorite live Coldplay songs. I can't wait to hear it again.


    True Love is a ballad, I think it's a bit dark lyrically and it's in the same restrained vein as the other new songs I heard. There is a distinct sound to this album and it's a sound I happen to adore. (Full disclosure: MX is my least favorite album and a big reason why is I thought it was just too much so I love the change in direction.)


    Always in my Head was performed as it was during iTunes fest. I really love the stripped down sound they have moved to for GS. Another's arms, also same as iTunes with Chris at piano and projections of women under water. it is also another darker song lyrically.


    Plus, LFDianne wrote: Still processing what happened tonight. I really have no words yet. It was beautiful and perfect. Somehow I ended up in what I thought was THE perfect location, very front row between Chris piano and wills drums. Omg. Chris sat in front of me for Midnight, crazy. Chris plays a laser harp thingie too, right in front of me. They wheeled out the viva bell and drums, right in front of me. Made eye contact with Chris many times and he laughed, I also got the googly eye thing. Lol. Stage was magical, performance was gorgeous. How can I ever top this tomorrow? And Ghost Stories is stunning.


    Finally, this from championed on Tumblr: SO I JUST CAME BACK FROM THE VIDEO FILMING…… KEY POINTS:


    - Saw Phil while going inside, accidentally called his name out from pure reflex and shock but he didnt hear me thank god

    - Saw lovely roadies/crew memvers, Woody, Matt, Dave Holmes, etc


    - Chris revealed why he went on the Voice: he addressed that, yeah, he had problems with shows like it but when they invited him on he went and realized how nice it is, and how amazing it is to give advice to people who are in the the same position to how he was, that it was inspiring and it changed his view

    - Filming is for a special on NBC (Chris explained a lot of concepts about it and it sounds so nice, like ill give details if wanted)

    - A lot of heckling and Chris jokes (“I bet Harry Styles doesnt have to put up with this shit”)

    - I know the behind story about that pic of Chris on a diving board (ill give details if wanted)

    - Guy’s handsomeness

    - Chris telling us about Will’s evil stare and how he’s the band’s rock/leader and how he appeared on Game of Throne lmao

    - Flying Chris. Literally. (details if wanted etc)

    - No tour plans at the moment, except for maybe these intimate and small shows

    - Chris hugging Guy<3 And touching/interacting with Jonny, Will, and Phil

    - Chris sweated a LOT. Messed up some technical shots lmao (if youre wondering who wipes his sweat: a woman named tiffany)

    - Heard two GS songs besides the ones we’ve heard/that have been released: True Love and A Sky Full of Stars (both great, ASFoS is gonna be a new fav for people, i can feel it)

    - Chris taught us a bit of ASFoS to sing for the filming (Yea, Yea, Yea, WHOO)

    - So much fucking Chris banter and talking, im…..

    - lot of technical shots


    all i can think of at the top of my head…. ill type up a better review with details if wanted when i properly get home tomorrow…… Boys are back and amazing and humble and reminded me why they are my fav band in the whole world f * c k


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