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    Secret Coldplay show for Target employees - Setlist & Review

    Secret Coldplay show with Target employeesA secret Coldplay setlist had taken us all by surprise this evening as videos of Coldplay performing 'A Sky Full Of Stars' at a 'Target' event surfaced over Instagram! Our eagle eyed moderator, Coeurli swiftly gathered the information on Twitter and the event was unveiled as a staff only convention for US retailer, 'Target' in Minneapolis. It's likely this was arranged for a while, since the band and 'Target' have had a close relationship for the 'Ghost Stories' album, releasing the deluxe edition exclusively for 'Target'. The band's role in this appearance could be part of an existing clause to appear at Target's yearly conference and Coldplay's curiosity to appear at such event may of influenced greatly. There are also suggestions of Chris flying away from London before the Invictus Games ceremony, where he was scheduled to play until recently, is linked with the decision to play at the 'Target' staff convention instead. The band played to an audience full of mainly non Coldplay fans but won over some new admirers with a short but sweet setlist of 5 hits. Chris Martin started off the set dressed in a black shirt and jeans until he took his jeans off in a comedic fashion to reveal red Khakis and was topless for a short period before placing on a red polo shirt to match with Target's dress code. It was all light hearted and there were a few mistakes during 'Clocks' and 'A Sky Full of Stars' to which Coldplay and the audience shared a laugh about. The apparent setlist of the short show is listed below :

    Apparent Setlist for the secret 'Target' employee show this evening in Minneapolis pic.twitter.com/L1fl6yccdD

    — Coldplay News (@coldplaying) September 10, 2014
    Coldplay were not the only artist to play in front the of the 14,000 'Target' employees. Singer, Taylor Swift made an appearance and commented on how 'Target' helped her sell 1 million copies of her 'Red' album. Chris, on the same subject, gave us his usual burst of humour with, "We sold 7 or 8 copies of our album"! The typical setlist for such a small concert is usually 3 tracks but with Coldplay's 5, they were allowed a little more leeway. For the fan snaps, the following Instagram video was the first to appear online!Thanks to various Target employees posting the following pictures on Twitter Coldplay - Target employeeColdplay - Target Center

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