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    Coldplay forced to cancel previously postponed Latin America tour 2013 (comments updated)

    Coldplay have been forced to cancel the previously postponed Latin America tour expected in 2013. A short note from the band on the official webpage on 31st January read: "Dear friends in Latin America, We're sad to say that, due to circumstances beyond our control, we're unable to reschedule the postponed Mylo Xyloto tour dates in 2013. For this we're very sorry. It may seem small consolation now but we'll definitely have your corner of the world at the front of our minds when the time comes to do it all again. Thank you for your incredible patience and support. With love - Chris, Will, Guy, Jonny."


    It was widely anticipated that Coldplay would reschedule the tour for some time later in the year but now it seems that the Mylo Xyloto tour era is now officially over. You can read more discussion and comments on this at the Coldplay Live forum now, and below are a selection of comments that followed this official announcement [thanks Tash]



    Coldplayer comments...


    Very sad news for everybody in Latin America. I know the boys will find a way to make it up in the future. Their message raises hope about a new era (and that's good news in a sense). I am glad I went to North America just to watch them. Next time I am not assuming any risks, again! [thanks the_escapist]


    Very sad news indeed! Wonder why? This is not like them. Maybe it has to do with their contract with their label??? I read news last year about Parlophone will be sold to other company. [thanks blueberry426]


    So this journalist that works on Brazil's showbusiness is saying the band never wanted to come but producers "convinced" them (with a whole lot of money) to do it. Then they just cancelled on the last minute. MY OPINION: maybe they really didn't want to tour this year to start working on a new album as soon as possible. [thanks Prospector]


    they (Coldplay) love latin america... but i can't understand this, they announce a tour and 3 days later they postpone it, that's not normal, planning a tour is not easy. I used to think that the reason of the cancellation was because of the grammys & brit awards (both are in february), but now, i don't know, really, maybe one of the members is sick? Gwyneth's pregnant? stress?... and i don't know why they don't give the reasons. Now there's a lot of people insulting Coldplay on twitter/facebook, and i'm very disappointed too, cause this is sad for us... my country has been waiting for 6 years, and the Mylo Xyloto was an AMAZING tour that every coldplayer deserved. I'm so sorry for this (and for my english), but I'm really sad... I still love Coldplay, the idea that I have to wait 3 more years is crazy. [thanks lorepalma]


    I appreciate that they finally came out and said "stop wasting your time, it's not happening". Nevertheless, I'm really really sad. I still find it really weird why was the tour cancelled all of the sudden, "unexpected circumstances" and "beyond their control", but I guess we will never find out... I'll just keep waiting then... [thanks Arantza]


    2 months without any news and now they give us the same reason as before... that's kind of disrespectful. all we can do is let go of this and hope the LP6 to be as good or better than MX. [thanks Haruka]


    Very, very sad news... At least now they officially cancelled it and killed our uncontrollable hopes due to 'postponed' mention in last announcement... Maybe it's just a matter of language difference, but in direct translation 'your corner of the world' made us feel belittled... (it can look like, but it's honestly not a complex, I've just realized many people had the same perception in Brazil). And I'm afraid the 'small consolation' won't happen at all, 'cause at this point we all know that many others interests come first whenever a new tour starts. And by saying that somehow they raise our hopes again (even though in a distant future) which recent events proved to be a bad experience... Frustration. [thanks Cris_Santos]


    I can totally sympathise with all Latin American fans, I really do, but when they say "your corner of the world", in no way are they degrading Brazil and South America. It is just a saying for a particular area of the world, so no, the band don't mean that in a "belittling" way. Honestly, coming from a fellow Brit like Coldplay I can 100% guarantee you they didn't mean anything bad. It's a term we use quite often over here not just for the world but for places in the UK too. [thanks ColdplaySheffield]


    I'm so dissapointed, I didn't went to US because I thought they were going to come to Mexico! And now I'm gonna miss the best tour that Coldplay have done... But we are just a "corner of the world". [thanks olguin23]


    So sad .. Really. And we lost this epic live experience! Bad for postponing and canceling. I hate Latin America is always always left for the end of the tour! And now this... Pd: Funny Will announced this time they were going to visit more country's (Uru,Par,Ven). Thinking objectively its clear that the guys wanted to come. Think of it. They even talked on interviews that they were exited to go to new country's and visit more places of the continent. But it's not good that they don't give us a clue of the reason why they cancelled plus doing this thing of postponing and canceling is horrible! I hate this. [thanks Juanma]


    I think it's very unprofessional and disrespectful to do this. They wouldn't announce a North American/Europe tour and cancel it after that. If they'd actually have a reason they wouldn't have announced the NY December gigs before postponing the Latin American Tour. [thanks Lore]


    Disappointed. At least have the balls to say why not this vague statement crap. [thanks Texasluvsjonny]


    Latinamerica all together is a HUGE part of this planet... calling it a corner makes it sound less important than what it actually is. I would have liked a better explanation that the one we got as well. I do not think it is fair for so many fans that have been waiting for so long to see them. Postponing the tour was already a let down, but now cancelling after two months of having them waiting in just plain disrespectful. I know they are people too, but in the end, the reason why they are successful is because of their fans, and i think we deserve WAY more than just a few lines statement. I am sad, disappointed and angry at the way they have handled this. [thanks DiOli05]


    I just read the bad news and I still can't believe what my eyes see, it's really bad news. I was waiting the mylo xyloto gig so anxiously... after attending 2010's gig in my country with my family, I just couldnt wait to go to another "coldplay concert experience". Also, with the title "Dear Latin american friends" I expected good news, I was all excited about that title at first! But hell no... after reading it just makes me sad and a bit mad. It's such a bad news and so strange that it also makes me x42 times anxious, not just to hear the next album but also to know that they will visit my country or "this corner of the world" again soon. On behalf of all my coldplay support I can't believe I missed the mylo xylotour concert experience. I watched every live streaming that they did, pics, fan recordings, tv appearances, went to the cinema for the live 2012 and I'm sad and I'll miss grabbing a xyloband at the entrance of the stadium, and wear it for the light of it to set me in another human state, I'll miss hearing them play live in an awesome concert quality... I'll miss so many things it makes me melancholic and low-spirited to write them down. this is what I wanted to say about the news, this is a heartbroken coldplay fan in a sadness state when the news regarding the band couldn't be worst. 3 years waiting the band to come, and they were about to come you know? I'm really lost and hurt as a coldplayer right now and the song "lost" won't help me much. apologies for any english piece that is bad written and hope you understand. [thanks Coldplero]


    I was very sad to read the cancellation and I feel so bad for you guys. I don't think the reason has anything to do with money or the Grammys, for starters. If they say that it's due to circumstances beyond their control, I believe them. The fact that they don't tell us more doesn't necessarily mean that they don't want to, maybe they just can't. It may have to do with the logistics or the organization of the tour, and I'm guessing that, usually when a company is involved in any kind of project, if it fails, the partners don't say IT'S BECAUSE OF THAT PARTICULAR COMPANY, BOOOH. That would be unprofessional. It surely was unprofessional of them to cancel the tour like 2 days after announcing it, but that also convinces me that it has nothing to do with them wanting to record instead of touring. They have the whole year to work in the studio anyway, and, the way we know them, I just can't picture them cancelling such a huge thing and disappointing thousands of fans, simply because they change their mind. Also, I'm sure they'd have LOVED to come to Latin America! They know how awesome the crowd is, there, and remember how they kept telling that their trip there in 2007 was like the best time and really inspired them for VLV ? Yeah, they love you guys. [thanks Coeurli]


    Well, I'm sorry for Latin America, but honestly this last tour was limited in many ways. They didn't play as many cities in the US as they had previously, and for those of us that can't afford a plane ticket to fly to NY or LA, and rely on being able to drive at least 5-6 hours to see them in Denver or PHX were screwed out of seeing them this time as well, b/c they didn't play either of those cities this tour. The closest to me was Dallas, a 12 hour drive or an expensive plane trip=no can do. The touring must take alot out of them. I know I couldn't do it over and over and over as much as they do. Glad they're taking time to live their lives with their families and children, and hopefully making more music. [thanks Yeshe]


    This really doesn't sound like Coldplay. The tour was definitely making enough money and the tickets probably sold out... I think it might be a personal matter that one of the band members might have to attend to for the next few months- we'll probably never know. Really sad the tour came to such an abrupt end and really sad for CP fans in Latin America... I'd be heartbroken if a Coldplay tour to my country was called off. [thanks DieProspekt]


    All this is very strange, even the producers in my country (Time for fun, the same one as Argentina and Brazil) have any idea why the group postponed and then cancelled... or thats what they told us :S I wonder what is is REALLY going on. [thanks carp93]


    Thank goodness it's finally over!!! The worst era ever is over! A horrible album and a horrible tour. Very happy it's all over. Now hopefully they will get back in the studio and release something that's actually good! [thanks joecortazzo]


    I'm wondering why they sort of trying to keep this quiet. Like Juanma said, nothing was posted on Twitter and Facebook and the original announcement has been deleted (but they didn't delete the message about the postponement). [thanks Tash]


    I think they're not being paid the tons of money that a production like Mylo Xyloto Tour requires, the Xylobands, the lights, the transporation of all of their equipment. I also think they preferred to take some rest and get ready to go to the studio again for the new record... I'm feelin really sad... I got to see them in Austin 2011 when the era was just beginning, I got to be in the premier of Paradise and Up In Flames (Live), and also I got to see them in New York this end of year 2012... but, eventhough I wanted to see them in my country with all of my friends, I'm feeling so low cause they were really happy that Coldplay was coming and really enthusiastic about the shows, they wanted to have a Xyloband, they wanted to see all the crowd jumping up in lights together, the band singing and doing what they do best, perform! and all the other show things such ass papers rain, balls, lights, fireworks... But now it's all gone... I just hope the next tour is better than this, because MX is their best production ever! (In my opinion). So, either way, my friends and I had decided for all next coming tours we're going to at least one US date first, and if they come to Latinamerica then we would go to that one too... Saludos a todos! [thanks edward_kingdom]


    For everyone saying the band are somehow "disrespectful", "unprofessional" etc. let me just offer my 2 cents: If the reason for the cancelation is some sort of logistical issue (with the local promoter etc.), and from the information we have available it really seems like it's something along those lines, the band are likely not at liberty to divulge any more information than they have. It really is that simple. Europe is the #2 global concert market (behind north america), and is also the band's home market. As much as it pains some people, SA isn't. Not fair perhaps, but that's the way it is. Though for the record, I can think of several bands who have cancelled major tours in major markets (not to mention the bands who simply don't go to places like South America, or if they do only tour there once every 10 or 15 years.) Objectively, measured against other bands, Coldplay have a damn good record for South American touring (which isn't to say they're the best, or that they hit everywhere their fans would like them to go.) Only that out of 5 major touring campaigns, they've had South American legs for 3, and 2 of those have been fairly extensive. To be frank though, they would still be a global mega band if they never sold/records or toured in SA, so let's not over-inflate the importance of the region in purely commercial terms. The band's commercial base is primarily in Europe and North America for better or worse. This thread has WAY too much hyperbole for my tastes. In all honesty, if I was in the band (or any band really) and read some of the things people have posted in this thread, I'd be sorely tempted to never go near South America again. -climbs off soapbox- [thanks fakfak]


    I don't know if they are involved with touring or to what extent, but it could have something to do with their label. I know it's been suffering lately. Maybe they are also waiting to work out a new contract with Coldplay before continuing or something, cause isn't the band's contract up or something? Again, I don't know if these thins effect touring or have already been resolved but I thought I'd out it out there... [thanks Cheese Nip 2]


    Some random thoughts about that cancellation: - I was expecting it but still when the band message came out I couldn't help but feel sad & disappointed & I don't even live in Latin America, so I can't blame ppl who were promised concerts on the band's official site being extremely sad & angry. - I don't expect any further explanation from the band, no reasons were offered before when the band (on previous tours) cancelled a concert, so don't ask for it now. - I don't think the cancellation decision from the band itself at all. I don't believe any of the personal rumours about illness & all. I think it had to do with their management & organization stuff that I don't understand much about. - The whole problem came because of the official announcement of the tour, probably without a final confirmation from the organizing company maybe someone got wrong information & was enthusiastic to share it. - It could be that they were trying to work things out the past two months to make this tour happen, but eventually failed. Or they could have known it all along but waited for an unknown reason to announce it. - though the band message came out as friendly as possible ( addressing dear friends, not dear fans & offering clear apology) the phrase "corner of the world" for a non native English speaker could sound a bit degrading, esp. coming in a sad context. - I watched the concert at Rock in Rio & thought that the audience was really great, loud & enthusiastic & the band members were clearly enjoying themselves, so no, I can't even imagine that they wouldn't love touring there. The energetic atmosphere ot the MX tour would've mixed wonerdfully with such audience..Alas!! It's the loss of the tour itself, though I doubt it may offer any consolation to the disappointed fans. [thanks Safy]


    I'm destroyed... if they'll be working on a new album... honestly it doesn't make me feel any better cry.gif this tour was the one to see and i won't now... and when i could see them again here? 2015 2016? last time i could see them was back in 2010 in buenos aires! i've been checking their website every day or every 2 days since mylo came out to see when they were announcing the latin american tour, after the cancelation also... and imagining how i could be dressed like to watch them, which tickets to buy, the plan for that day... it's not just "well, bad luck, i'll see them with new songs in the future." [thanks tutegarra]


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