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    #StandAsOne With people forced to flee conflict and disaster with Oxfam On Tour

    Here at Coldplaying.com we had a note this week. An invitation to exclusive content and information on a new campaign that is being launched at Coldplay shows, for Coldplay fans.

    Anna, Oxfam's rep who will be on the AHFOD tour got in touch to tell us more. We thought you'd want to see this:

    It's been 4 years since Oxfam have been on the road. So much has happened in that time, yet there has never been a more important year for Oxfam to be on tour, working with Coldplay fans to generate change.

    At Oxfam, Coldplay fans are known for their generosity, creativity, individuality and spirit. We know that in previous years you have made music videos that created change within land sales, campaigned to make sure trade was fairer and pushed governments in the US to provide food in a crisis quickly.

    You're probably reading this from your home, on your way to meet friends, see a Coldplay show or on your way to work, knowing that wherever you are, you have a community to go back to. For many this isn't the case. People like you and me, who love live music and hanging out with friends are being forced from their homes because, they have lost their land or livelihood, feel unsafe, or are unable to sustain their families, due to factors beyond their control.

    These people are being forced to seek refuge somewhere far from home in a different part of their country or a different country altogether. Risking their lives by taking treacherous journeys in search of a better live. Oxfam doesn't see refugees or migrants we see people. People who we stand with. Oxfam is providing assistance to those affected by the conflict. In Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, we have reached over 1.6 million people with life-saving clean water, sanitation and vital support for families who have lost everything.  But this isn’t enough.

    2016 is the year for change. With a record number of people forced to flee and world leaders meeting later this year to discuss their response, now is the time to show them we stand together, calling for support and protection for everyone.

    Oxfam will be at Coldplay concerts across the world asking fans to stand in solidarity with those forced to flee their homes. By standing with them and Oxfam we can show governments around the world we care.

    But it doesn’t stop there, you can also join us online. You can Stand as One with Oxfam by signing our global call to action. By signing up your name will be added to our human paper chain which symbolises the mass of solidarity we hope to build.

    Are you a creative photographer? Once you have signed up you can further your involvement by capturing your solidarity stance and sharing it with us on Instagram. Remember to tag it #StandAsOne to make sure your photo appears on our fan wall.

    We know that Coldplay fans are outspoken, individual and creative, this isn’t the first time Coldplay fans have made noise for Oxfam, so what are you waiting for?  Help us make some noise for people forced from their homes by being part of our solidarity movement. Sign up here, or come and find us at your Coldplay concert.

    Don't forget we'll be keeping you updated throughout the tour so make sure you follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr for our exclusive content and stories from the people who your action is supporting.

    Whatever action you take, wherever you share it, even if you write a blog on tumblr, be sure to tag it #StandAsOne so we know it's you and we can shout about it on our channels.

    We can't wait to meet you!!

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