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    • Garbage is a bit too strong a word and a bit too much of an overstatement - is it mainstream? Very much so. Is it generic? Sort of, but better than other pop songs nowadays. Is it lazy? Yes. Is it catchy? Yes. Is it one of the worst songs Coldplay have made? Not as bad as some of their other singles. Is it one of the worst songs ever made and deserving of all the hate it gets? Certainly not. I don't hate the song - don't love it either, but I think we'd benefit from a more positive than a pessimistic mindset. It isn't garbage - it certainly isn't great and isn't as good as their better singles and older songs, but to call it garbage ignores all the good elements the song has. Lmao how can you say they're not confident? Have you watched the interviews? Have you seen how much they're promoting it? Yes they're aiming to get the song as much airplay as possible which I don't agree with much, but they seem their most confident since Viva La Vida. I wouldn't call it desperately either. You want people to be more realistic about this but then go on to call the song garbage and make all sorts of stupid assumptions and exaggerations just to show how disappointed you are.
    • No pal, they¬†are not confident. It is rather the opposite. They go with the mainstream, guitar is not seen¬†as¬†appealing with the masses¬†and kids who listen to this kind of music. They¬†are very much trying to fit in, desperately. I wish people were¬†a little bit more realistic with this.¬†
    • Viva la Vida is¬†a bloody masterpiece, especially compared to this garbage we have today.¬†
    • Maybe there is too much emphasis on what is worse or better. I think it's about what sounds good in different circumstances. As controversial as it sounds, I now think that studio version wouldn't benefit from the heavy¬†guitar very much and they made right choice to go all in with synths. Heavy guitar is actually¬†overwhelming to listen when you consider this song for what this song is aiming for¬†- being a¬†synth pop song. In live version though you see them perform and totally rock the song and the guitar has its place there. And they seem to know¬†100%¬†that¬†Jonny has some amazing guitar stuff in this song, but they are confident enough to leave that for live performance where it has more space¬†for this. I say it again, the studio version has elements and arrangements which are better than most people actually think at first and being less guitar heavy is doing it a favor.¬†
    • Yeah it's reminiscent¬†of some of the reasoning people provided here during VLV/MX/AHFOD! "They put Viva la Vida on the album to get people's attention. They don't want to be remembered by Viva la Vida". Well that didn't age well!
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