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    New Coldplaying Forums (In Progress)

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    Major changes have been made to the Coldplaying forums, as some of you may have already noticed. This comes after major issues with the forums, over the past week. Our site developer, Stephen (Stephend2000) has kindly been working to bring the forums back up and the best option was to migrate from Vbulletin4 to Xenforo. This in turn fixed many issues and the new forum will be more stable for the site in the long term.


    The change to Xenforo was something we've been considering for the future and while it's not happened at the most convenient time, it's faster, more stable and is fully mobile compatible and is considered by many to be the best option for an internet forum. The downside is the customization that's disappeared from the removal of Vbulletin. Several of the desktop features, such as the chatbox, extra smilies, profile info will have disappeared but there are many new options we'll have for the new forum version, so we'll look to bring some features back (if possible) and also add helpful new ones!


    The forums are ready to use againso you can freely discuss 'A Head Full Of Dreams' and catch up with all the recent news. While using the new messageboards, please let us know if you discover any bugs/glitches.


    [caption id=attachment_51351" align="alignnone" width="2392]The new and improved Coldplaying Forums The new and improved Coldplaying Forums[/caption]


    There won't be any regular updates/summaries posted to Coldplaying.com at the moment (more info on this soon) but special features, such as interviews and live blogs may appear over the coming months. For a news source, the community forums are the most reliable and are updated constantly by our team and many other Coldplayers. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages are great ways to keep up to date too! Thanks for your patience everyone.




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