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  1. Dads are always cool. The only guy friend I've is my dad actually. But you've said it right. We do make mistakes. And the good thing is, over-writing your days with good ones. Letting go the bad things, embracing the good things. And man, it's a dream to see Coldplay live. Seriously. I hope one day I can make it happen!
  2. That's so true. Real music, real people are those who inspire others. Who inject good feelings and vibes in others. And Coldplay is inspiring millions everywhere, giving love and spreading it across the globe. That's so beautiful. It pretty much reflects what kind of people they are (Chris and the gang), they are beautiful so they make beautiful and inspiring music. Coldplay has made most of my days worth spending.
  3. Apologies! My bad. Alisbe, may be my app autocorrected it or something. What's your name btw? :)
  4. You bet. It's the first time I've heard of this cute little island, googled some pictures. Looks epic and peaceful. Sky full of stars? Sweet.
  5. So true man. Handling the crazies! (and i like the wink part too)
  6. Lucky you! This surely will be the best day, enjoy it mate! :)
  7. Yeah. I've learned that small moments make an amazing day. Like you said, sometimes the day seems to be going good and all of a sudden something crazy happens, or a small moment brings/spoils the rest of the remaining day. Some moments when are life changing moments, like, "Life Changing", all of a sudden they hold more meaning. Strong Meaning.
  8. True. There are different phases of life. Childhood, Teenage life, Early Twenties, Mid Twenties and so on.... And different phases of life has different amazing moments, special moments or well, just moments. For instance when i started working, and when i presented my first ever concept/idea to the client and they approved it, it was the most amazing day. But seeing all those days in my different phases of life, finally finding the love of my life, now i feel like this is surely the most amazing day of my life, when i met her first. So, yeah.
  9. Aimnov

    Up&Up - 3:20 - 4:05

    Hinnie baby is my life, my world.
  10. Aimnov

    Up&Up - 3:20 - 4:05

    I know yeah. The most moving and beautiful piece ever.
  11. Aimnov

    Up&Up - 3:20 - 4:05

    Though, Up&Up is super cool song. But this portion is really the best part of the song for me and for my Hinnie baby. I sometimes play and played this part on Loop :) Strange kind of energy and life is in it.
  12. Thanks Maslina. That's some special love from some special Island, would love hitting Coconuts with my Girl. Lot's of love to Coconuts Island too :)
  13. I think it's both, and i can tell you are super cool!
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