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  1. Hahahaha :D I myself wasn't sure about the 2nd line in the same song, was it "Love to the love that's shown" or was it "Love to the love that's shone" And it was "loveless shown"
  2. Now my feet won't touch the ground
  3. Spies? I'm thinking it's some song that speaks of predator&prey, or regarding that kind of feeling but can't really find which
  4. Oh and there's another one, I heard: We said forever, forever I'll waste when it's We said forever, forever always.
  5. Ooops yeah, you are right guys, I just copy and pasted from another site (just to make sure to write the right ones) but it had misunderstood lyrics too lol xD Now it's corrected :D
  6. I'm sure we all misunderstood a least a few lines of some Coldplay songs, even if English is your native language :laugh4: So I think it would be fun for us to write down a line of lyrics we heard, and a line of what is actually said :wink: For example, I heard: "And even if your aims are shadows, still we're never gonna part" and it's actually "Even in your rains and shadows, still we're never gonna part "
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  8. And I could write a song a hundred miles long
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