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  1. May I have the multitracks and stems of all the songs you have? I would really appreciate it! Email: [email protected]

    1. redgatemusic


      Hey bro ... any chance you got the tracks sent to you? Could you flick em my way if you did? 

  2. Hello there! I am interested in all the stems that you might have. I can’t give you anything in return, but I would really appreaciate it you could help me :) Many thanks!!!

  3. Helloo can you send me the Paradise Stems please thanks!

  4. Hi. I'm interested in all multitracks you can share. Thanks

  5. hello! could you send me the link about the multitracks ? thank you so much already! :)

  6. hello! could you send me the link about the multitracks ? thank you so much already! :)

  7. I'll DM you right now. I actually have Shiver as well :)
  8. I'm certainly interested! Where do I share the Paradise stems I found? And where can I find those fan-made stems?
  9. That's so sad to hear. I've heard a lot of ****-talk about that Rock Band encryption. Guess we'll have to play the waiting game... Also, not sure if that one is public as well, but I also aquired the stems for Paradise. Already have that one as well I guess? ;P
  10. Hello everyone! I am so glad I found this forum! I am sure there are a lot of fans here who are collectors of demos or stems/multitracks. Is this the right place for me to find some good (not already publicly available) material? I have the following stems to share: - Clocks - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall - Fix You - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - In My Place - Paradise - The Scientist - Shiver - Violet Hill - Viva La Vida - Yellow If you are interested in any of those, hit me up in PM! I will share them with you :) Can't wait to see what you guys have around here!!
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