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  1. P.S. it's signed The Scientist cd as that was my favourite song at the time and thought the sigs would look good on the white background.
  2. As mentioned in my 'New Member' post here is my cd signed by Chris & Jonny (I thought it was Will until I dug the cd out today - old age ) when I was lucky enough to meet them at the X&Y promo gig at Koko in 2005. Thought some members may like to see it. Would be nice to see your signed if you're happy to share.
  3. Finally the day has arrived........my Sons first concert! And what a concert it'll be He's currently at school (he's only 8) and thinks we're pulling him out early to go to a dentist appointment Bless!!! Wait 'til he opens his bag and sees this: I can not wait to see the look on his face
  4. I'm sure you time will come Let's hope my son doesn't expect to get backstage with it
  5. Should've made this my first post, apologies, instead of trying to hunt down a lanyard/pass for my son. However, here goes: Been a Coldplay fan since around 2001 when I first heard Parachutes. Didn't get to see them live until a few years later. June 6th 2005 in fact at the X&Y gig at Koko. Bought the album at midnight from Virgin Records in Middlesbrough, drive down through the night then queued for 14 hrs to get tickets. Also briefly met Chris and Jonny along with autographs before the gig. I got into the collecting side of things around this time and built up a nice collection
  6. Ok, so here's my effort at making my son a Coldplay lanyard/pass for his surprise on Wednesday. I've hidden his name for obvious reasons. Had to buy everything from the photo paper through to the laminator. Would've been cheaper to buy his way onto the VIP guest list
  7. I think you're right. I'll also keep an eye on eBay for anyone selling they're used passes. Thank you everyone
  8. They're for Block M but due to living 250miles away and not being able to get there until about 6pm there's no way we'd get a spot with a decent view. Thank you for the suggestion though
  9. Thank you for the reply. Yeah, I knew it was a long shot, but thought I'd try. Back to the drawing board. In regards to buying a Collectors Ticket, I had to buy my three tickets off EBay at almost twice the face value, no Collectors Tockets were available. My wife and I saw them in June last year but couldn't get tickets for this July when they went on sale Time to get my thinking cap on.
  10. Hi everyone Hope someone can help or point me in the right direction: I bought tickets for the July 12th gig at the Principality for myself, my wife and my 8 yr old son. He's a huge CP fan and this will be his first concert. As it's a surprise (we're telling him on the day) I've also bought him ear defenders with the AHFOD logo on the sides, glow bands, tshirt etc to make him feel really special. I'm wanting to top it all off with a lanyard pass (obviously as a novelty thing rather than a back stage pass), but after searching eBay, tinternet, Gumtree, Shpock, etc etc I can only find che
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