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  1. I am the streamer himself, and I stopped the stream only because it's late and I'm about to get sleep.
  2. Hey dude, This tieba sharing is my work , feel free to download it, enjoy.
  3. This song was actually named Love In A Lethal Dose in MX era, but somehow it changed into Lethal Drug when handed to Avicii.
  4. Only god knows where did the Wedding Album go. Hoping that in MOTS we could hear some MX reworked songs. I would die if four of them decide to put Love In A Lethal Dose into the LP9!
  5. Btw the guitar track is easy to pick up. Like about four chords in total, starting with B major and then E major, A major, C minor in the chorus part. Recently I performed this song in my college, my mates said it is a great song!
  6. Totally agree! It's such a shame the band didn't choose to make LIALD to the album. Like a long lost jewel in my opinion.
  7. Well in my theory, some MX songs eventually turned into AHFOD songs, colourful theme. Like Chris would often do, write songs and then hide them for a couple of years. Chris do like the word Bird, Silver Birds or Up With The Birds etc. But anyway there's no strong evidence showing Birds was written in MX era.
  8. Well that's an interesting theory, and it does make sense that both songs were produced in MX era.
  9. Took me some time to figure out all the lyrics, here is my take.
  10. M(agic) U(p&Up) S(hiver) I(n My Place) C(locks) O(rphans) F(ix You) The S(cientist) P(aradise) H(ymn For The Weekend) E(verglow) R(ainy Day) E(very Tear Is A Waterfall) S(ee You Soon) - Music Of The Spheres.
  11. I've just finished a interesting audio about The Race. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Mh411R7Qn You may need a VPN to enter the page.
  12. The new design looks absolutely great, nice work Stephen!
  13. Above Lukas is Violet Hill, On the left there are Yes and Viva La Vida. Other songs are not easy to notice. Wait a sec, is Arabesque below Lukas?
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