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  1. M(agic) U(p&Up) S(hiver) I(n My Place) C(locks) O(rphans) F(ix You) The S(cientist) P(aradise) H(ymn For The Weekend) E(verglow) R(ainy Day) E(very Tear Is A Waterfall) S(ee You Soon) - Music Of The Spheres.
  2. A bit rough, but Jonny's riff fits perfectly.
  3. I've just finished a interesting audio about The Race. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Mh411R7Qn You may need a VPN to enter the page.
  4. The new design looks absolutely great, nice work Stephen!
  5. Above Lukas is Violet Hill, On the left there are Yes and Viva La Vida. Other songs are not easy to notice. Wait a sec, is Arabesque below Lukas?
  6. Probably trying to show off his rare collection.
  7. Someone must have it, maybe some guy from the record label or someone works in a studio.
  8. Guys, just zoom in and have a look at the paper behind Chris. You'll find LUKAS written on the paper and some other songs. If anyone has a larger size of this photo, they should notice these song titles easily. Maybe we could hunt some unreleased songs. By the way, recently I've found the demo of Deserter (One of the unreleased Songs from AROBTTH era) on Youtube. It's strange that no one is discussing that old song.
  9. To be honest, I don't exactly know the title, I just used Titles during those eras on Wiki page.
  10. One Day is the mysterious song composed during AHFOD Era, well there are two soundcheck videos (Singapore Concert), probably the One Day. The melody is purely beautiful . The first video here you could hear Chris singing "Mining On The Moon", told you the audio was rough but I somehow figured it out.
  11. On that particular Soundcheck in Toronto, they actually played a unreleased song right after Warning Sign which I assumed "The Butterfly" (One of the unreleased songs during VLV Era ), that song was beautiful.
  12. I collected them through Youtube and other sources, yeah Mining On The Moon is one of them, I noticed that one of the Coldplay Soundcheck during VLV Era in Toronto, they actually played it. Though no one ever noticed that Chris is singing "Mining On The Moon" lyrics, the audio is very rough though. I collect these Unreleased Songs about 3 years, basically I have every unreleased material that could be found online. But I don't have The Race (LP9 Version) though, the one I posted earlier In Baidu was actually the one on documentary snippet.
  13. I do hope they will eventually release Car Kids, Hopefully.
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