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  1. thank you very much oldiefan,I appreciated your very kind words
  2. The synthesizer with a soundbox from Mylo Xyloto,Coldplay ,Chris Martin
  3. Made also a Mylo Xyloto synthesizer from Coldplay ,Chris Martin,is something new ,
  4. Made a totally new drum from Coldplay,the Mylo Xyloto drum,just use my imagination to make it ,a lot of work to make this one MX
  5. Thank you very much to do this,and nice to hear you are happy with the piano,enjoy it :)
  6. cant see it ?? but thank you a lot ;) we will see what happens
  7. that's true,we will see.......just going further with the instruments,going try to make the keyboard also ,big challenge :) very big
  8. thank you (y) ;) I try to do my best ,and also try other things :)
  9. thank you very much,know I going too make the bas drum like he is.with the hole in it and coldplay in Indy language .....
  10. Today I finished another drum from Coldplay,this one is made on request
  11. WOW.........this is really amazing.....I can't believe it, Debs I know her,because I send already a mail too her,not from the miniatures ,but for info :) thanks a lot for this ,this is amazing .........is this a dream :o
  12. This is so nice to see what you are doing for my work,this is absolute amazing,this means a lot for me.thank you so much for the support and that you like my work,I never aspect this ,this is going true my heart thanks a lot :heart:
  13. have a great time here ;) and welcome
  14. I hope.but I think they have see already a lot of things from them,and maybe better then mine ?? there are absolute bigger artist in the world then me ,but it's nice too read this,thank you very much,and I feel thelove for my work and so much appreciated.
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