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  1. Oh my Fault.... Of course it is 2x CR2025 and 1x CR2032 in a Band
  2. Oh, I was talking about the new ones :D
  3. No this is wrong! As I know the deluxe remote uses 2x CR2032 batteries (the coin ones) And a band has 2x CR2032 and 1x CR2025 I think.
  4. Ah and a special tip: Mail to [email protected] As it gets much faster then, and she is very nice :)
  5. Hey. I'm a student aswell so I bought it together with my brother. The controller in general is absolutely worth it, as you can use the xylobands on your arm, place it in a room for decoration or like me where I'm going to hang it on the christmas tree at christmas :D! The deluxe remote is when you just want more effects and want to play with that, make "shows" to music etc. For me the deluxe remote was better as I can be more creative with that. On the small remote you get one speed for effects and on the deluxe 3-4, I mean the beat buttons on the deluxe are pretty useless for me, but
  6. Hey as I got one I can Tell you: Power Button (Start / STOP Remote) Wake Button (activate xyloband) Sleep Button (turn off xyloband) Random blinking in three speeds Blinking in three speeds (All blinking at the same time) Glowing (three speeds) Strobe Random (in my opinion just Random blinking but faster) Strobe (all at the same time) Then we have the Colors like the MTX remote Beat Button (Bands Flash when Pressed) Beat (three speeds) Double Beat (three speeds) And two fade Buttons: Fade-In (Light goes from out to on) Fade-Out (on to off) The fade functions Are
  7. Hey guys, they have a special offer currently.
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