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  1. No one EVER said it would be this hard
  2. That video xD All of you may already know the turtle one but just in case xD
  3. Vallie

    Hello Hello!

    Thanks for welcoming me!. Ok, got it. Yes indeed, the band have been absent for a long while, hope there is some news soon.
  4. Vallie

    Hello Hello!

    Hi!. First of all, thank you very much I ran away for solving my account issue! :blush:. Greetings from South America everyone! - Spanish speaker, I apologize for any language error xD - I've become a big fan of Coldplay recently, I already knew some of their songs before but it wasn't until earlier this year - after watching some interviews - that I discovered how nice and admirable good people they are, and of course a lot of other great songs I had never listened to before (around 20 years of music, incredible). I still haven't been to any of their concerts, I hope they come back to Argentina sometime (I am from Uruguay which is close to AR. but I am not sure they would come here) I watched the movie recently and I made this fan video featuring Chris: It took me some time to make so I'd appreciate any opinions or comments on it, anything lol xD. Also, Is there any section in the forum to publish fan-made things like this? I am a little lost. Bye for now :)
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