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    Swallowed in the Sea
  1. When I'm with you, I'm walking on air

  2. When I'm with you, I'm walking on air

  3. Meeting today at the Apple Store in Covent Garden at 2:30pm. I will be wearing a dark green jacket and orange scarf. I’ll text you my number too!
  4. Hi! Yes, should we plan a meet up tomorrow for those in London? If anyone wants a bit of a tour I’d be happy to show people around London. How does 2:30pm sound? Maybe in front of the Apple Store in Covent Garden and we can go from there?
  5. For people in London anyways, let’s grab a drink tomorrow maybe?:)
  6. We should hang out though if you feel like it! Always like meeting new people.
  7. I think next friday is silent disco at the Natural History Museum. I know where I’ll be and what I’ll be listening to.
  8. My offer still stands if there are spare tickets around. I live central so it isn’t a bad commute either.
  9. If anyone has a Spare ticket, on top of paying for the ticket I can offer free accommodation for the night in London. Plus I would be eternally grateful and the happiest person alive.
  10. Have you found a buddy yet or would you be interested in buddying up ? :)
  11. Is anyone still looking for a ticket buddy? I have never had the chance to see Coldplay perform live but I have loved them forever. I recently moved to London so this seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would be eternally grateful. Thank you :)
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