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  1. On September 29th MuchMoreMusic will air VH1 Storytellers feat. COLDPLAY!!!!!! "Just weeks before the release of their album X & Y, Coldplay performs old favourites as well as debuted new songs at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, including "Yellow", "Clocks" and more. Also includes some of the stories behind the songs." wooooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!
  2. 'Registration' earns master's in hip-hop Album reviews By Kelley Carter Detroit Free Press Kanye West doesn't really care what so-and-so the music critic thinks about his sophomore effort, "Late Registration." He knows it'll be regarded as one of the greatest things to happen to hip-hop since the advent of the boom box. But just to be clear: It's incredible. And after blowing his production budget and persuading his label to shell out $2 million - that's a lot of cheddar - it better be. The album arrives fresh from West's MTV Video Music Award win Sunday night for best male
  3. i haven't read thru the thread so i don't know if they've already been mentioned but Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson also love Coldplay. They did a [email protected] Much thing tonight and mentioned Coldplay like 5 or 6 times and picked "Fix You" as one of their video picks which got a huge roar from the crowd :D They also said they were going to one of Coldplay's upcoming concerts as well as the Rolling Stones.
  4. VMA Hopefuls Get a Critical Beatdown Published: Thursday, August 25, 2005 Though they lack the prestige of the Grammys, the MTV Video Music Awards are at least honest: Pop consumers want the whole package, both the image and the music, and to separate the two would be a disservice to that genre. We've assembled a crack team of pop music experts to give their opinions of this year's nominees. They've rated each video on a scale of one to five (one being the lowest, five the highest), and at the end we'll tabulate the scores to give you our choice for best video. -------------
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