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  1. The show tonight was amazing.... and the lightbulb was back for fix you. Im such a tard but when i see coldplays concert i forget the setlist 5 minutes after i walk out of the arena. I count on everyone else in this message board to help me with this. I know for sure the switched Trouble with Green Eyes... super upset because they played green eyes the last time i saw them in san diego. And I could swear i remember singing to amsterdam. But im not entirely sure. Maybe somebody else will be able to help me out with this. They also said this was the last show in CA for 3 years.... sooooo
  2. Chris said that he hasn't played green eyes in ? years... but he thought they would give it a try. I don't remember the exact number he said but maybe somebody else will.
  3. I don't think the crowd was dead at all... maybe it was just where i sat since everyone was going nuts and singing around me. But the crowd didn't seem as lame as the other socal shows. But I still enjoyed them. Im just happy I got to hear the change in the setlist. I wonder what they will throw in on the east coast... im jealous already!
  4. I went to both Irvine shows and the SD show definitly kicked both of those shows asses. There wasn't really a change in the setlist... except they played Green Eyes instead of Don't Panic.... which was absolutly amazing. I beleave they also switched out another song but I was so into the show and singing along I lost track. I love them... I can't wait until they pass through socal again!
  5. Im sure they allow cameras... sometimes it says on your ticket if they don't allow cameras/audio/visual. But if you are unsure... what i do is i put my camera inbetween my bra strap and skin right below the armpit area and when they go to frisk you just put your hands up and kinda block them from checking that area. It has worked a countless number of times... Good luck!
  6. Im going... i can't wait to see them at Coors its by far my favorite amphitheatre in socal. I live in LA(please don't judge me) and if any band on there tour plays there I always go. Not to mention I get to get away from this shithole. Music sounds great there... it is in the middle of nowhere like 10 miles away from Mexico and its 3 roads going in and 3 roads out. I just love it! CAN'T WAIT!
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