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  1. Anyone know when the tickets go on sale? I might consider driving down from Toronto. I've heard the Buffalo show is a lot cheaper and overall a better show.
  2. I imagine its a whole different method for videos. Like editing it professionally with Adobe After Effects or something. I'm just aiming for that effect for still photographs. I think it'd look amazing.
  3. So I absolutely love the concept of the video for Lovers in Japan. I especially loved the effects with the 'light writing'. I wanted to do it on my own as a little project for school and wondering if any of you know how to do it? I've done a bit of research on my own and came up with this: http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to/video/how-to-graffiti-with-lightwriting-102304/ The only hitch is that I have a digital camera and not one of those fancy ones. I can set the ISO just fine, but I don't have an option to set the shutter speed. I was thinking of a work around, like maybe Photoshop, but
  4. Ugh. If you didn't want the tickets to begin with, why'd you buy them in the first place?! It makes me so upset that people take advantage of this situation and deprive other fans of the tickets.
  5. I'm guessing the GA tickets are long gone thanks to the various presales. I tried just for the sake of seeing whats available, and the first set of seats I got were in section 127.
  6. I love how this thread has 63 pages and we've yet to reach the ACTUAL date for ticket sales which is Monday morning! How many pages are we going to end up with after the concert? 200? 250? 300?
  7. If you're a huge fan, I recommend getting the GA tickets and getting an up close look at Coldplay. Otherwise, if you want to be comfortable for the show, get the 100 or 200 level tickets. The 200 tickets will have a birds eye view of the stage, and the 100s will have the GA people in front so that might be an issue if you're short.
  8. The thing with the Club 200 seats is that the seats are cushioned. So you'll be comfortable for the entire show (should you choose to sit during the concert!). Those seats are phenomenal for a Jays game, so I assume they should be pretty good for the concert too.
  9. Anyone willing to buy another pair for me? I'm obviously going to reimburse you ASAP. I cant seem to buy any cause it won't go through.
  10. I've tried like 7 times to get tickets, but it says my order might now have gone through! Ahhh! Help anyone?
  11. Just a few shots I managed to take. Not the greatest, but it'll do.
  12. Hey, I'm just reminding all you coldplayers to voice your opinion and be part of who decides coldplaying.com's FAVORITE COLDPLAY SONG. Everything you need to know is here = http://coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48501 Remember there are new matches just about every day so check into the thread often!

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