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  1. we'll be fine to go to bars just not into the arena. We'll probably be able to hear The Brits for free haha
  2. yep, its 8pm queue start, they'll move you on if you;re standing there. i'm going to get there at about 6 and go to a bar near the entrance. Or….. there is Deadpool showing at the cinema at the o2 which i might go and watch!!!
  3. Look at how much you've done so far today and i've only just got out of bed!! It's only an hour trip to the o2 for me. Only about 15 hours before stage time now!
  4. yeh, i've seen some more things on twitter. looks like stagetime is 11pm but they are warning people about not being finished in time for the tube. if the last one is 1.02 surely you'll be ok. At least at that time of night there won't be any traffic so the taxi charge should be lower than usual.
  5. So do we think they're not coming on to stage until after 11 or they'll be playing until atfer 11?? Cab is your only option i think
  6. i don't suppsoe they'll change it and the tweet from AEG said 'Stage times for @coldplay at @indigoattheo2 will be confirmed v soon. It will be a late show so please adequately plan your return travel'. So you might need find some other way of getting back
  7. Thanks, i've seen @AEG_Live are announcing times today on their twitter page
  8. assistance please guys. Do we know what time doors to actual Indigo will open? and times as yet for performances?
  9. what time do they open the outside doors at the o2? i'm coming after work so won't be there until later, so i may have a drink before queuing!
  10. I called AXS yesterday and they said don't worry we should have them next week. They checked my reference number and said i was definitely booked in!!
  11. Have you booked the bus ticket? it's much quicker to get the train from Stansted. (i live about 10mins from there)
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