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  1. Hey guys. I thought I was going to win the Oxfam shirt by getting 91 signatures but someone else beat me- she got 120 signatures. She isn't a big Coldplay fan at all though so I doubt she'll come on here to talk about it. lol Had a great time with all the OXfam-ers and of course the fantastic concert!
  2. i am going to kill myself (no i'm really not) but i live 30 minutes away from the west palm venue and i got accepted as a volunteer. my mom won't let me freaking go, keep in mind i'm 18, and she hates that freakin' venue because it's so crazy to leave .... AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! EDIT: I'm trying to get a ride from someone i know who is going to the show. is an hour earlier the earliest you'd have to show up?
  3. Actually it's strange... I just got an email saying that I never responded to be on the initial volunteer list but that was only because I never GOT the first email...lol EDIT: okay so apparently my mom is being extremely annoying and won't let me go by myself and the venue is 30 minutes away. OH KEEP IN MIND she won't let me do that but she will fly to New Jersey with me to see a Killers concert which will cost $800, but she won't let me see Coldplay for free... soo you will MOST LIKELY get my spot!!!!!
  4. Grr I didn't get an email.. I don't understand why? What exactly are the qualifications ??????? I only live 30 minutes away. And I know this is COMPLETELY irrelevant, but I wish The Killers would come to Florida 4 times this year like Coldplay has.. grr I have to fly to 3 different states this summer to see them since they haven't been here in 2 years!
  5. umm.. I have. that section is pretty bad. i was there for Radiohead and everyone ends up standing up on the seats so you can't see a thing. it's horrible. but this is also coming from someone who is used to being in the front row and is only 5'1''.. i stood up on my seat but those seats are really slippery
  6. The venue is a LOT smaller than the one I saw them in Orlando in and the Tampa one. A LOT smaller. I gave up those section 4 and 5 tickets.. I'm gonna see ebay after the general sale to see if I can get 1 2 or 3
  7. Yeah that's what I just said.. Cruzan Amphitheater is all seated. Btw, as a heads up, parking is horrible at this place. I've been to over 20 different venues and I can safely say that leaving this show will be a nightmare since there is no traffic direction at all.
  8. i saw Radiohead at this place. it is all seated besides the lawn. there is no pit.
  9. ohhh a two hour drive back isn't that bad. i've done it tons of times. i live 30 mins away from west palm and i am always going to orlando for concerts Oh and I thought $130 was an average price for hotels everywhere? lol.. maybe I'm just out of it.
  10. what fan club are they talking about? i still don't understand how people get the front and such.
  11. this is lame. lol sorry i keep complaining. my mom will do $130 per ticket but only if we get good seats. oh well. it was nice having floor seats in november.
  12. i got through, yet again, within a matter of seconds and keep getting section 17. i hate life.
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