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  1. Just wanted to post some of my favorite pictures from the concert believe me i took a lot of pictures and videos
  2. i definitely enjoyed the concert best time ever despite transportation issues and even though i went the previous night tonight was the best because i had floor seats and was so close i could see Chris's sweat drip i'm sad it's over but my feet are happy
  3. just snagged some tickets to tonight's concert on my way right now!!!
  4. i'm going!!!!! i'm so excited; it'll be my first time seeing them on tour (i saw them peform at the Today Show in October) i'm still trying to snag some decent seats for East Rutherford show on Friday too
  5. i didn't get my tix through the Amex sale because i don't have their card i just did the regular VIP tickets sale for the 4th
  6. i hope i can get 2 seats in one of the low 100 sections on Jon's side for the 3rd i'll probably wait until tomorrow since the presale LN seats kinda suck
  7. i'd rather have your seats lol there was definitely better selection for VIP seats for the show on the 4th but i'm still going to try to get some seats for the 3rd as well
  8. just bought tix for the show on the 4th section 7, row H i wish i could've gotten closer but at least i'm going
  9. i went to the today show performance it was my first time seeing Coldplay live and it was amazing i had a blast talking with true hardcore Coldplay fans and even though it was freaking cold all night it was worth camping out 13 hours because the concert was just incredible
  10. i plan arriving there around 6:30pm i'll be bringing a chair, blanket, food if anyone wants to meet up just pm me
  11. this is my first time posting here guess i've been too shy to do so anyhow, i plan on camping out for the concert i applied for the fan pass but i doubt i'll get one plus i forgot to include how many guests i wanted to bring i plan on leaving home after Grey's Anatomy goes off so i'll be camping out all night i wanted to drag my friend along but she really doesn't want to camp out
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