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  1. Is it just me or is everyone facing the same problem? I have to play MX first and let it continue to HLH, else it is just a little abrupt ! I wonder if they will just release the both of them as a Single, else its gonna sound weird on the radio.
  2. We are in search of a Singaporean Chinese man named Kouk Leong Jin who has went to Greece for a conference. He has not been contactable since Tuesday night, including no return to his hotel, no phone call and even missing the conference itself. Please visit this facebook link for more information http://www.facebook.com/pages/Missing-Singaporean-in-Athens-Greece-Kouk-Leong-Jin/227251480665138?ref=ts&sk=wall#!/pages/Missing-Singaporean-in-Athens-Greece-Kouk-Leong-Jin/227251480665138?sk=info Would appreciate it if you guys can spread this to your friends or family in Greece. Thank you.
  3. I don't know about you guys, it seems like the boys have left out Lovers in Japan , one of the best live songs ,in my opinion ( along with the butterfly confetti...) for their MX shows. I hope they would somehow put it back on the set list.
  4. Many "fans" have turned on the band ever since they start becoming really big. I love this band from the beginning and have defended them over the years. I never quite understood how anyone could not like them. I have never been disappointed with their releases until now, ETISAW was alright, I thought it worked quite well in a festival, along with all the laser lights but it lacked something, something which i could not figure out until they released Paradise. It is not about the tune, lyrics or the production, i'm not sure about you guys, but it seems like the recent songs lack the emotion ,
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