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  1. no cluee We get first crack at our seats for anything hockey related. Anything hockey related that is at the ACC like the world juniors and stuff we get. Doesn't really matter though.
  2. I have Leafs seasons tickets and we don't get any first access to tickets for anything else. Just because things are held at the same venue doesn't mean we get first access
  3. Wow The rogers centre. Rather the amp of the ACC oh well as least they're coming back. I saw them at the ACC twice and they were amazing shows. The rogers centre holds alot so I guess thats a plus
  4. Anyone know if the Toronto presale is tomorrow because the Toronto date isn't listed on Ticketmaster or ticketrush
  5. Does the code from ticketrush presales work for ticketmaster for the Toronto date
  6. When they were in Toronto last summer I got upper bowl tickets from the pre-sale Then I went on when they went on sale to the general public and got some pretty awesome lower bowl tickets at the ACC IM BEYOND CONFUSED with what is going on with this on I have a ticketrush account and saw the presale code. So Do I go onto there to get the presale tickets and they will take me to ticketmaster? Anyone got any ideas of what is going on
  7. AMAZINGG show. The atmosphere was great as it always is at coldplay concerts. hahaha when Chris messed up the hardest part twice all you heard was the f word, more than once. I was in 107 and when they came up on that stage and played the scienctists I was like OMG they are right theree, it was amazingg.
  8. I go to alot of hockey games and anything you go to at the ACC you can't bring ANY food in with you. That's what they are checking for, they want you to buy the overpriced food they sell there
  9. shouldn't be too bad, if I'm not mistaken there are 34 or 35 rows in those sections.
  10. I was in like 102 for a concert at the ACC and I was in the last row and I wanted to kill some people. I was right underneath the restaurant that is on the 200 level and they didn't stop talking the whole time and I came home with like salad dressing on me.
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