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  1. well i hate to go, but its 4am here and i need to get up for work tomorrow:cry: . if you decide to get msn add me, ill PM u my email if ya want?
  2. IM, never heard of it, i live on an island, :cry: sometimes we dont get the same stuff as you americans. what is IM like?
  3. ye, its well for ya, iv only started a few months, it is a problem here, we irish quite easily become alcoholic, some people i know have been drinking from 12. but my friends and i stayed away for a long time, do you have a fabulos thing called msn?
  4. no we have to be 18, but i have a beard and im 6 foot, i hit pubirty at bout 10, scared the shit outa everyone in the dressing room for years. but now most of the lads are a bit a hairy. so its ok. 21 thats harsh.
  5. ye dont do drugs, i drink alright, but never too much,
  6. ye id get raped up the ass, thats worse. thank god im from south dublin, the richest part of ireland. of course it also means im soft.
  7. i suppose i wouldnt hit a woman, thats a big no no. what bout you
  8. well, thats a good question, there aint much i wouldnt do. once i dont have to go to prison after
  9. wow this is great talking to american girls, wher bouts you from, in america.
  10. phew thats ok then, hi im sam im 16 going on 17, soon, lol
  11. what age are you guys by the way, i dont want to pull a MJ on it.
  12. ye but she said she likes looking up porn, which is a guy thing. no? i had to assume
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