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  1. No, I don't usually post my pics on things like this (there tend to be petophiles out there) You'd have to add me to MSN or e-mail me or something if you really wanted to see my pic(s)
  2. LMFAO! yes, my mother is right there in the runnings. Ha Ew, that James guy (one that likes to send me pics of his BIG :shock: penis)(ok, i had him on web cam, hes so not 18 like he says, fuck, hes like 15 (ish) ne who yeah he wants me to go visit him SOOOOO bad, and ew ew ew its creepin me out! why is it that all the fuck nuts on the internet want me, but i cant get any one thats NOT some vurtual retard?
  3. psshh now letz get this right sweety, i am not A bitch, i am THE bitch :D
  4. Haha, yeah well, i can be quite crude to "over weight individuals" haha, but if i cut the fattys outa the pic it wouldnt be very "MAC", so i wont, but i have a new pic to put in (just t damn lazze to go through the like 1000 make-up pics i have)
  5. I think that pic is so magnificant. It's a make up add (by MAC) you wouldnt understand, not many people do, but im way into make-up and photography, so yeah. you either see at as beautiful art, or fat people panted.... IT SAYS YOU ARE ONLINE! BARK. :twisted:
  6. who the fuck would blow a kiss to that beast?!?! LMFAO!!! NO KIDDING!! shes on msn right now, and is all like OMG OMG OMG! HES SO MINE! YOU STAY BACK BIOTCH! (ok...biotch?!..ne who). yeah right, he so noticed you, NOT the tree behind you! you dumb bitch! you are ready to steal the hunka huba right from under mai nose ARENT YOU!? ha. Did you BLOCK ME AGAIN?!?! (om msn)
  7. lmao! no no, not "stalking" persay. you see I recently started joging (ok, starting tomorrow in hopes i will see him again when hes "at work") so yeah, i will just be doing my daily routine and, OH MY! happen to run into him agian! lol, yes, i shall e-mail you EVERY detail!! he he Me - *smiling like an idiot* LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny :sad: ...bet he was talking about tannis tho when he said "Aww, their cool"...ok wtf, who am i kidding, that hunka hunka piece of ass was talkin bout MOI! ahahah (ok, no, i know he wasnt, BUT A GIRL CAN DREAM!!(but i also know he wasnt talking about "tennis" haha) ok i shut it now.
  8. Oh hunny, you don't have to tell me that, I know I am. No, no. I kid, I kid, im very ugly HOLY FUCK!!! THAT LAWN MOWER GUY AT THE SCHOOL IS SO MINE! HAHA. GODDAMN HE WAS SMOKIN! (and i don't care what Tannis said, that kiss was SO blown to me! (what guy in there right fucking mind would hit on him...oops my bad HER (LMAO!) ew shes sick. woof...hey! i didn't even know she was into guys! coz she (ATTEMPTED to) touch my boobs (when we were all in the lake, did you not notice her offering to fix my bathingsuit straps?! well ha, ew use your imagination form there, I was about to belt her one, sick). PS- yeah, Ali, i will find him, and get his name/age/marital status/phone number/etc...by the time you get back, haha. you can quote me on that one too.
  9. but seriously, i dont actually listen to Aqua in public, or when anyone i know is around (unless its ali, or other close friends that like to see me make an ass of myself (which i might add i am pro at doing!)) i only do it for fun, good times! ahaha
  10. No, im not her lawyer, but she wants me to see the pic first, she gets sick easy, and wants me to make sure she can handle it with out woofing her cookies.
  11. She might look damn fine, but what do you look like?
  12. Chantel Kreviazuk - Leaving On A Jet Plain
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