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  1. At 09.27.00 I tried refreshing both SeeTickets and GigsandTours to just test. Both went to the queueing system stating I had to wait 18 seconds to try and reconnect. Eventually the Gig&Tours page opened, but the SeeTickets page continued in the queue for MUCH LONGER. Because of this I focused on Gigs&Tours for the main thing.. BUT! I pressed refresh at 09.29.42 because I expected an 18 second queue wait meaning by the time it refreshed itself after the 18 second wait it would be perfect timing! But when I refreshed at 09.29.42 it went straight to the page, too early. At this
  2. Got a pair of tickets in Stalls Section H row 3! :) So happy! Good luck everyone
  3. I am going to go for Gallery Standing! GALLERY STANDING £49.50 (£45.00)
  4. Great news they will be playing 360 Concert. Last bit of luck would be them replicating the TV Special set.. you never know!
  5. Non Transferable means that you can't exchange them for anything else. Usually in competitions you get a prize (let's say a dvd player). You can't exchange that dvd player for anything else. They can't control who gets the code from these terms and conditions I believe.
  6. They might replicate it and film it too and release that.. who knows
  7. I thought they couldn't replicate this for the tour shows?
  8. Seetickets and Gigsandtours are the same thing.
  9. To be honest, I believe their stage will be set up in the centre of the Royal Albert Hall for the 360 experience. Are any of their other promo tours going to be in this set up? If not, this leads to the chance that if they do the 360 set up, it could mean going all out for their final promo concert by creating the Ghost Stories TV Special Experience. If they don't, I won't mind. Still gunna be great.
  10. Maybe they are willing to pay for most of it
  11. I am shocked.. but it has made me start to think that they may well replicate what they did for the Ghost Stories TV Special. Although Chris mentioned it would be expensive to take on tour, I think it may be a surprise for the London gig to have it all set up. This may be the reason for more expensive tickets. Also I believe Coldplay will be performing in the centre of the albert hall. In the middle of the Arena space to replicate a 360 type of concert he mentioned in the Zane Lowe interview.
  12. Video is up! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg3mXQWJdLI]Coldplay - White Christmas in the Christmas Live Lounge - YouTube[/ame]
  13. WOW, what a day! I saw Coldplay live at the Emirates in June so wasn't too fussed about not going to the Stockholm gig yesterday. But the day before the concert I start getting excited and if I am already going to be in Stockholm I might as well go. I wasn't really up for paying a lot of money for a ticket at such short notice. I realised that the local radio station would be streaming the concert. I called and tried to get 'work experience' with them and be a type of assistant at the gig. I was on the phone with the radio producer responsible and was SOO close to getting a job at the
  14. OH NO! I wish my video has been quality for you here it is: but you can't really make it out hope this helps in some way anyway!
  15. [ame=http://www.flickr.com/photos/andreasbillman/sets/72157629998212511/show/]Coldplay[/ame] My photos from Coldplay 4th June Emirates. My friends and I arrived at 11am and we got the barriers front row! It was my sixth concert, first time I ever got front row. I had seen Coldplay at the o2 in December so was worried about it being too similar but no. THAT WAS INCREDIBLE. they really got the crowd into it and the songs were great. Great day
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