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  1. Hey everyone, I'm Jordan van Beem :) (Dutch last name, although I'm English. Lived in Belgium for 7 years) Came across this forum when looking for info about the World Stage gig, I must say it's a pretty awesome forum you guys have got here:D I play the piano, and I'm in the middle of learning Postcards From Far Away. I saw Coldplay at Sheffield Arena in December and it was absolutely mind blowing! I can't believe they played in the middle of the audience! A Rush Of Blood To The Head is my favourite Coldplay album although Prospekt's March closely follows. Then again I like em all :D
  2. I'm sure you will! Anyway, it's 01.20 here now so I think I should go to bed haha! Goodnight all! :)
  3. Awesome! I'm quite a big Chilis fan as well as a Coldplay fan, as you can see from this screenshot =P Dunno if you can read the info at the bottom but it says 11.6 hours =P Haha :D
  4. Awesome, thanks a lot :) Btw your caption at the end of your messages, Fortune Faded by RHCP?:D
  5. Thank you very much =) Can't wait to see the Tokyo MTV performance, don't have Sky or anything here so couldn't watch it :( any idea when it'll be up online?
  6. Lol Metal or mental? =P Coldplay metal - sounds interesting, who knows what Brian Eno will do next! :)
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