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  1. Obviously when someone let you know where and when he is about to bomb, you should get out of there, right? That's the purpose of it. I don't say Palestinians are that dumb to don't move, but they don't have a choice. Hamas is their government actually so they do what Hamas tell them to. I truly believe that if Hamas were not exist there will be a new middle east there.
  2. Awesome! ♥ And same actually, he's probably moving to Canada soon but not me obviously haha. He's actually on his way here to visit for the weekend right now yay~ what part of Canada might you go to? I've been alright, last year of school which is both awesome and slightly frightening haba

  3. I have found the love of my life, there are thoughts of getting married currently, and you would never believe it but we might move to Canada in few years. What about you ?

  4. So how have you been

  5. ^ The difference between Israel and Hamas is that Israeli Army let the civillians know when and where they are gonna bomb targets. The issue is that Hamas is using these Palestinians people for human shield, because they know Israeli Army is trying to hurt only Terrorists. This is why I care for both sides and not only for the Israelis.
  6. haha that's absolutely crazy

  7. :heart: Hey !! This is so surreal. It`s been 3 years would you believe? :lol:

  8. Hello :heart:

  9. :o Omg . I Cannot believe I`m talking to you right now, I missed you really bad you know .. You are one of the most unforgettable persons on here. :heart: I appreciate this. There`s innocent people in both sides, Israel and Palestinians. I know the Palestinians are good people, but Hamas is standing in the middle of us so this why I can`t see when this war could end. Yes,everyone here is waiting for it, I think it will be tomorrow though. YAY ! Haha nah I don`t think so. I can`t fight with people. :square:
  10. Thank you. I wish exactly the same for the both sides ! And that`s okay to share your opinions if you want. After all, that`s why I made this thread.
  11. I used to be a coldplayer about 3 years ago, when I were 16. I`m pretty sure no one have a clue who I am - But actually it doesn`t matter. The reason I`m back here today is to share my thoughts, and hopefully get some support or even just understanding from you guys. As you can tell I live in Israel. I was born here, in a city called Ashdod. Here it is: I`m almost 19 years old now. Always been living in here, I was born into a conflict, which I suppose you have all heard of. Israel constantly get to defend it`s citizen vs. Hamas in Gaza. A lot of people already died in

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