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  1. This article references a February 16th show in San Diego.... Anyone know anything about that?? https://www.setlist.fm/news/01-20/coldplay-performs-2-nights-at-hollywood-palladium-w-18-song-set-bd6ad76
  2. In addition to the Everyday Life tracks, they played Lovers in Japan, Fix You, Viva La Vida, The Scientist, and Something Just Like This. On Monday they played ASFOS and Sparks in lieu of the scientist and SJLT. (Oh, and I guess they attempted to play Amsterdam, too!)
  3. To piggyback on some early comments, the "TMZ" video was after the first show at the Palladium on Monday night. I actually happened to see this on the cheesy TMZ show in my hotel room before I went to the Tuesday show. (why it was on, I couldn't even tell you) Tuesday's show was fantastic. I had balcony seats, and I promise you, everyone on the floor was into the band, the songs, the music, everything! Excellent setlist (slightly different from the night before). The atmosphere was electric before, during, and after the show. In fact, after the show was over, there were some fans (mys
  4. Went to Tuesday's show. It was fantastic! A little different change to the setlist from Monday, but that's okay. I think that was a nice touch for anyone that may have gone both nights. The highlight had to have been Arabesque live - such a great live song and unlike anything I've seen Coldplay do live! They did state that this was the final show (of 5) of the World Tour in support of Everyday Life and that they were a little tired. lol While it is disappointing that 3 of these shows were in L.A. instead of more spread out (like the limited Ghost Stories tour), I am blessed to have
  5. Make sure to keep us updated. Sounds great!!! Enjoy every bit of it. I'll be in one of the balconies for the show on the 21st - I assume you're still going despite the "flight home" on the 21st?
  6. Did anyone get tickets?? I was fortunate to get two. I’m going to have to change my plans and sell my AltEgo tickets though. Can’t be away from home that long.
  7. Apply for one! They would give you info to use it almost immediately in most cases...
  8. Well, it was just officially announced - the 21st date. I have pre-registered to get a code to buy tickets. I'll see what happens!! I'll worry about a flight change if I am fortunate to get tickets.
  9. I don't know if I will be able to stay until the 22nd - my flight currently leaves on the 20th. UGH! I did see where FB took down their event page. Maybe more details on this "secret show" will pop up, as it has to be on the 19th or 20th?
  10. I also just saw an announcement of an LA show at the Hollywood Palladium on January 21st with tickets on sale on January 10th. Must be a Citi card holder, apparently. I made a mistake - not a Chicago show - the Chicago radio station had a contest about a "Secret Show".
  11. So I guess this confirms the "couple of things in LA" that Chris spoke about a month or so ago. I entered the contest, but alas, looks like the AlterEgo Fest will be the best I will be able to accomplish. I also something today about a secret Chicago show? Any one know anything about that?
  12. So I got to the bottom of the rumored set list - It was the 5 songs chosen to be on the AlterEgo Playlist on the events official website (which includes tracks from all artists on the bill). I am not taking stock into this rumor as of now, as it is just a playlist which is common on festival websites and is not indicative of the actual setlist. If anyone wants to see what that playlist is, you can go to the official website. I'm still patiently waiting for an announcement on a possible other show - I have reserved hotel (which can be cancelled) but still waiting before I pull the t
  13. Just saw a "rumor" that the set list is 5 songs - only 1 from Everyday Life album (I won't post rumored set list unless asked). I don't know if I can stomach the flight and hotel costs for 5 songs - 4 of which I've heard several times live. Trying to confirm this rumor. I hope there is a sister show - that would be much better. Chris did say a couple of shows in LA. I wonder if they have some sort of contract with iHeart Radio which obligated them to play this show. As for festivals - usually they are wonderful!! But iHeart festivals are different and allow for ridiculously
  14. Well, looks like their playing the iHeartRadio ALTego show on January 18th. I just bought two tickets - but I'm sure it will be a very short set.
  15. I wonder how they are going to allow the purchase of tickets? Maybe if you pre-ordered from the US Coldplay store you get a code? Also, I wonder when they said "shows" if some of those would just be radio shows or late-night TV shows.
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