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  1. Just noticed that you can pick your own seats now on Ticketmaster (I was curious where exactly I was sitting) and noticed that C Stage seems to be off to the side and not completely surrounded by seats. I wonder if they're going to allow fans to run up to the stage? I mean, that's a pretty large area. [ATTACH=full]6154[/ATTACH]
  2. Good to know. Thanks for the tip. I read that for Chargers games, some people park at a mall (will have to find it later) and then take the trolly. I wonder if that's safe to do. I do that in Costa Mesa and I haven'y had a problem yet, but I don't want to leave a show and find out my car got towed. Hopefully I can find a cheap hotel near by that I can just walk to a trolly station.
  3. There are still seem to be great single seats as well as pairs of seats on the floor using both the fan club code and citi code. First time going to this venue for me as well. Now just have to figure out where to stay and the whole parking situation. At least I have a year to figure is out :P
  4. they were very strict. if it wasn't the correct dimensions, they made you take it back to your car or they have a bag check service for $10
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