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  1. Doubtful. Last year Weezer, The Killers and Muse all had the same length. I think Twenty One Pilots had the same short set times. Bummer, but better than nothing.
  2. Woop! Got our iHeart Alter Ego tickets when they first went on sale!! I was praying for some Coldplay and CANNOT WAIT! We have Acoustic Christmas on Sunday and I would so love a surprise, but I doubt that will happen. YAY! I will take any Coldplay over ZERO. I may have screamed when I heard the news!!
  3. Cannot wait until October!!

  4. I am SOOO glad I did not buy the tickets where the stage is now GONE. I would have been pissed. :( I was really thinking about it and it would have been super awesome seats, but the stages have changed now!
  5. We went to a huge concert last year at the same place and it was $40 for parking and we were out on the golf course and it took us 10 min to get out. It was not all that bad, as long as you remember where you park and take a look around for openings to get out. I will check it out though, because it was a pain in the butt to get into the parking. lol
  6. My husband totally just found that too. Was that not there for the presale times? I swear I never saw it. hahahaha Would have helped so much! ;)
  7. Okay guys... we have two sets... I am thinking that Section 18 overall would be better, thoughts? Section 10L Row 3 or Section 18-H Row 25
  8. We might be selling our second set. We went with a different section. But it is section 10.
  9. They had seat for $500 at K. lol That is all that I saw listed.
  10. Hey Dianne!! I am pretty sure we are meeting again here on the forums! Long time no chat!! :D Section C? So jealous!! I will have to steal all your photos!! hahaha
  11. :D Right? I had pit a few years back and it was a blast. My husband got some good pics. I wish I could bring in my DSLR... maybe I could get a decent shot of them this time. hahahaha
  12. Sorry... I will clarify. Row 3 of section 10. WHICH is not that much farther than section M on the floor. haha
  13. Just now! Like maybe 10 min ago. It is the last floor section, and since I am already in row 3, it was not that big of a change, besides the price. :)
  14. I just passed on these: Sec FLR MRow 21, Seats 23-24 So, there are floor tickets out there!!
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