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  1. I actually like the song, it's growing on me quickly. Than saw the message at the end. [spoiler=Then realised the meaning behind the song and it being about fugees. I really really really hate it when music is going political, ] i'm happy you can ignore the whole aspect of that song going about this subject when you just listen to it of the EP seperately without the video. It's fantastic to be charitable with the proceeds but i think it's negative to let the music get influenced by it. Again it's Coldplay so they don't care to much of what is the most "popular" option. But it kinda bugs me Coldplay took this step.
  2. I don't hate the entire album, i just really hate this song :).
  3. The one true thing i hope, is that they finally go and make an album 100% by them selves again. Because the only thing i get annoyed of in this album, and especially with this song... is that they have to much collabs, to much interference, to much help with production. If they made an album it used to take them years and although they are all different, they are all very good. But this one feels rushed, unfocused, without identity and clearly with to much interference of other artists.
  4. They sell concert tickets before the album is "officially" released. This way the sales of their tour won't reflect on the opinions of their fans. But they said that's ok, if we don't like it. pffffff
  5. Tnx man, as you can see i've been around for some time, i'm just not quite the active commenter... been a fan as long as i can remember them releasing albums. But with this song i had to make sure everyone knew x marks the shit.
  6. Chris said this was his favourite song on the album right? Oh dear lord... I fear the future of Coldplay if that's the case :I. I like the diversity but this is just barely above shit :P. They have really been exploring new genres ever since MX, but will they ever get back to AROBTTH, X&Y etc.... I so hope they won't play this song in June in Amsterdam :/, can you imagine a song like this right after something as sincere and beautifull as Fix You. cldpl pls.
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