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  1. That's what I tried to denounce in my message to him. Hope we will fix the ticket resale problem one day :angry: Meanwhile I feel really sorry for all those who failed in getting tickets :\
  2. The answer I got by one of the sellers is funny! He pretends selling his tickets because he cannot go to the show anymore. How can you buy tickets and 10 minutes after not being able to go? Lol, not even able to face his immorality, what an idiot.
  3. I'm so angry about people acting like that, I decided to signal every ad of resale I'm seeing on eBay. I'm aware it won't be useful (unfortunately) but it does help me a lot to tell them what I really think in the message I send to the sellers. Making profits on people's despair shouldn't be allowed.
  4. My friend received our tickets (bought with Eventim), yayyy! It's becoming real, though I still can believe it! I wasn't expecting to be able to see Coldplay live in 2013 so I'll be happy with whatever they want to offer :D
  5. Just got two tickets, now I can relax !! That was easier than I expected though. Time to book flights now! Congrats to everyone who got tickets and see you all there !
  6. Great review Thalia !! Thanks to all of you who posted pictures, I'm gonna save them all for my personal collection :kiss: Hey I just came back from the show earlier today, still can't believe it was my last Coldplay show for a while :( My trip was pretty long (21 hours of bus from and to Paris) but definitely worth it, I would do it again if I could ! I joined a lovely german Coldplayer that I had met in France at a Coldplay show last year. We spent half of the saturday waiting in front of the AWD Arena and even with the security trouble/delay to open the gates we succeeded in having the
  7. The concert is approaching, I'm excited and sad in the meantime. I am really glad to be able to come but I am sad that it will be my last time seeing them.. I know all good things must come to an end but you know, I would have love this year to never stop :D Anyway, do you guys have planned something special ? As it will be my last Coldplay concert and as I am especially coming from France I think I will make a flag or something. Is a meeting organized ?
  8. Oh no that's too bad :( This explains why the stadium looked so quiet on the pictures when the sun was still in the sky.
  9. You guys are even faster as I am !! I was writting my post with my pictures (lots of links to copy and paste) and Busybeeburns posted my review and pictures :D Sorry about the double post then, I feel confused :embarrassed: I still can edit it if you want me to.
  10. I had a look at all the pictures posted (I saved a lot of them :D), thank you for posting them !!! I also read your reviews and I feel like we've been part of something unique and unforgettable. I have been to a lot of Coldplay shows and last night was beyond all of them. Not that the band's performance was the best I've ever seen but because of the incredible atmosphere, that was breathtaking througout the whole show !! People screamed, sang really loud, jumped... WOW !!! It's gonna be hard to beat this one. I'll be going to Hannover on Sept 22nd, they'd better get ready ! I'm not a big fa
  11. Don't know if you already saw this but Rihanna arrived in Paris last night: http://www.staragora.com/news/rihanna-cree-une-emeute-a-paris-gare-du-nord-video/452414
  12. I hadn't think about that but it's true ! Coldplay have announced they will start the live blog at 8:30pm so I don't know if it means that the show will start at 8:30pm or 9:30pm like in Copenhagen and Stockholm. Marina is scheduled at 7:30 so there will be a gap... Wait and see !! I'm not a big fan of Rihanna but I'm really excited about the rumor, I wanna see the real Princess of China duet ! Every time I see Coldplay live I expect Rihanna to arrive but she only arrives on the big screens. Maybe tonight she will show up !
  13. I'm getting ready for tomorrow too !! I'll be wearing my homemade Coldplay T shirt, don't hesistate to talk to me if you see me :) https://twitter.com/#!/Califsteria/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2FXaOOwkGM https://twitter.com/#!/Califsteria/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2Fl9sPURiK According to the French weather chanel it's supposed to be a sunny day tomorrow, we're lucky !! See you all in a few hours !! :D:D
  14. Hey they added some tickets (Front of Stage and seated) today on Eventim: http://www.eventim.de/coldplay-tickets-hannover.html?affiliate=TUG&doc=artistPages%2Ftickets&fun=artist&action=tickets&key=663433%241890637&jumpIn=yTix&kuid=121&from=erdetaila I'm now going to the show from France with a German friend, so happy to be there the last gig of the European Tour :D
  15. cool but weird name, i guess you like R.H.C.P.! they're ok i suppose, prfer coldplay anyway (obviously, lol!) is that you with chris?! how did you meet him?

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