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  1. well, I'll try to translate :) I could wander through the dark towns to wandering everywhere but i'm fell into the sky I could swim on the white ship to an unknown land, but I fell into the sky I could live easily, could climb high but I fell into the sky Chorus: Your live is like a cloud and i have it somewhere around flying moon where is sun shines there's no road back I could write insane poems and collect the sins, but i'm fell into the sky Suppose I had one chance for a hundred Thank you for the fact that I fell into the sky Fly there, fly to where the sun light There's no road back, I'll be there Fly to where the light There's no road back, I'll be there
  2. anyway, grigory leps made the typical "russian hit" (in vulgar sense of the word) from very good song :) It would be better if he continues singing the songs with words like "glass of vodka on the table" and so on :D
  3. yep, drummer face is lol :D Grigory Leps included this song on his album and there are not any references to coldplay! even case, watch this video and show your friends! let's laugh together)))
  4. Hi there. First, sorry, if I posted this thread in the wrong forum. and now, down to business! I saw this video on youtube and i couldn't keep quiet. I think, that this russian singer, Grigory Leps stoled coldplay song "Yellow" without any legal grounds. and i think, that we should do smth. thank you! link to the above video on youtube (type youtube adress before this code): [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjGLRK9HR30]YouTube - ???????? ???? - ???? (??? Live)[/ame] thank you for attention!
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