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  1. If anyone got a code, I will buy it from you...send me a message and let's negotiate a price.
  2. Willing to trade my 2nd Jack White ticket for his show at the Fonda for 1 Coldplay ticket. I will pay the difference in price, and buy you a drink, and a poster/t-shirt. If anyone has an extra for Coldplay, please let me know.
  3. To those who don't know: Royce Hall is an auditorium on the UCLA campus. It's used once in a while for concerts. It seats 1836.
  4. Hey guys, I won free tickets and i'm really confused. The free tickets from samsungsummerkrush say the concert starts at 6:30 PM and that you should show up 30 minutes before. However, on official tickets from ticketmaster that I bought it says the concert starts at 8PM. Can anyone help explain this? I emailed summerkrush but have not yet heard back? EDIT: I have a friend who works at UCLA. According to them they were asked to go to the concert as a seat-filler and their name is on a list. Does this make any sense? The concert definitely sold out and they are not lying.
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