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  1. i wish Anchorman was policing such things online. i'm hoping too! :)
  2. you may want to try to find street parking in westwood village... and walk up?
  3. sad thing is that people will have the audacity to sell their extra ticket to these kinds of things, some poor unfortunate soul will bite for $1000 a piece, and they'll have to meet and sit next to the seller! who just ripped them the hell off! so unfair. how do these people sleep at night? :inquisitive: again, those who are going (and not ripping anyone off!) enjoy the show! and for those still hoping to get tickets (sadly, i'm on this boat), i still have a glimmmmmer of hope ya'll!
  4. haha, about karma running out -- you and I both, sista ;) have fun to those who got tickets! can't wait to read about your experiences. however, if anyone does hear through the grapevine about an extra ticket floating about, please let me know!
  5. the TM app did not work for me! i kept getting a "sorry! there are no tickets available right now" message from the GET GO! i'm devastaaaated. i tried best available anywhere! didn't care where i would sit! just as long as i was in that room! sigh.
  6. WHY DO I GET THE FEELING THAT THEY'RE GONNA DO MORE THAN THE REGULAR FIVE SONGS!? ps -- someone just walked by the line and yelled, "COLDPLAY SUCKS!!!" so i tripped him. lol.
  7. so even though my ticket was pending, they gave me a wristband for general -- don't know if i'll get in, but hey! i can't complain. i was ready to loiter the streets with my tambourine...
  8. because i won't be getting in, my new plan of attack is to loiter and listen to the show from outside ;)
  9. TICKET "PENDING" i requested 1 ticket literally 10 minutes ago, but it's "pending". i guess i missed that SMALL window of opportunity because i'm sure that's code for "CROSS YOUR FINGERS, BUT DON'T COUNT ON IT." but i guess i'll be checking non-stop for the next hour. DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE AN EXTRA TICKET THEY CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHO TO GIVE TO?! text me at 951 454 4374 -- the name is rad! another problem would be that i wouldn't be able to get there by a little over 5pm... so that probably rules out priority. let me know if anyone wants to make a drug deal ;)
  10. he was totally robotrippin'. ;) which i'm sure is why they dropped lost! and politik. :(
  11. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2aE3nKhciE]coldplay - us against the world | iheartradio benefit concert - YouTube[/ame] it's unlisted right now until i upload an HD version of it! an SD version shall suffice for now. (for whatever reason, the HD upload kept failing! i'll have to try when i get home). you can totally hear jason singing, too :)
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