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  1. jaja its great jaja but... and the girl? In fact, Roadie #42 said that a girl would be in the video, and he posted a photo of cHris playing piano in front of a green screen... Maybe an alternative video?
  2. I really liked "paradise". Of course it isn't a "parachutes" but still it is a good song. I'm and old coldplayer and knowing Chris I think it is just an strategy to gain new fans. It isn't that good but being a really fan you can understand and give every song a chance. I think that this album is going to be some kinda "too poppy for coldplay" but I'm sure that the next one is going to be like a "return to the roots" album. Trust your band! be happy! We are in this new era! every band has made at least one album that feels a way too different about the sound. VIVA COLDPLAY!!!
  3. Is not their best, and not too "coldplayesque" but i give a 9... I have listened to it enough times and it has grown on me, in fact I prefer this one than ETIAW and of course I miss the old coldplay, but I try to be optimistic and believe that just this album is going to be that "pop"... but this song is very good I think
  4. Do yo have the video? I would really like to watch it!!!
  5. It's obviously untrue... the oracle has already talk about this... that was just bulls#%t thanks to god that miley cirus is not related to coldplay!!!
  6. Porfavor si alguien tiene el video de coldplay en otro rollo... pasemelo!!!! VIVA COLDPLAY!!!!
  7. porfavor pasenme el video de coldplay en otro rollo!!!
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