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  1. 1.) Life in Technicolor 2.) Yellow 3.) In My Place 4.) Violet Hill 5.) Talk 6.) MX 7.) Hurts Like Heaven 8.) Clocks 9.) Princess of China (with Rihanna) 10.) A Hopeful Transmission 11.) Don't Let It Break Your Heart 12.) A Warning Sign 13.) Green Eyes 14.) Lovers in Japan 15.) 42 16.) Glass of Water 17.) Swallowed in the Sea C Stage 18.) Amsterdam 19.) Everything's Not Lost 20.) The Scientist Encore: 21.) Life in Technicolor ii 22.) Viva La Vida 23.) Christmas Lights 24.) Paradise 25.) Charlie Brown
  2. Jonny's guitar in Fix You vs. Chris's amazing dancing during ETIAW
  3. Fix You vs. Breakeven by the Script
  4. Also a tough one... Epic Scientist video vs. Epic Strawberry Swing video
  5. Every Teardrop video vs. Jonny's guitar in Yellow
  6. Every teardrop video vs. Beginning of Paradise
  7. Hmmm... The whole of MX vs. Piano in Clocks
  8. Chris Martin's voice in Fix You vs. Jonny's guitar solo in 42
  9. Yep. He's tall with glasses.
  10. MX Tour Program Has anyone else bought the MX tour program at one of the shows? I love it, it has such great interviews and pictures, and the dedication at the end of the book is the sweetest thing ever!
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